Mark Mester Was Suspended From KTLA After Making Remarks About Lynette Romero’s Resignation

Mark Mester, a KTLA news anchor, has been suspended from the station after making remarks regarding his former co-host Lynette Romero’s abrupt departure that did not sit well with management. According to TV Spy, the network’s Entertainment expert, Sam Rubin, said on-air on September 14 that Romero had abruptly quit the station after 24 years, presumably for another employment opportunity.

“After almost 24 years as our Saturday morning news anchor, our friend Lynette Romero has chosen to retire.” KTLA management had hoped she would continue with the station for the rest of her career, and the station worked hard to make that happen, but Lynette has opted to pursue another opportunity elsewhere.”

Romero has worked with KTLA in different capacities since 1998. She co-anchored the station’s evening broadcast with veteran journalist Hal Fischman before moving on to serve as a general assignment reporter and taking over as the principal co-host of the KTLA Morning News over the weekend. She also kicked off Sunday’s “positive news section,” ‘Link Up with Lynette.’ Romero previously said that her mother died of Alzheimer’s disease earlier this year and that she has joined forces with the Alzheimer’s Association of California Southland.

Lynette Romero’s abrupt departure was apologized for by Mark Mester to viewers.

Mark Mester, who co-hosted Weekend Morning News on KTLA with Romero, apologized to the audience for Lynette’s absence during a five-minute segment on September 18’s morning news program, calling the event “cruel” and “rude.”

“It was unacceptable, and we apologize.” I also want to apologize to Lynette Romero, since I adore you and consider you to be my best friend. What happened to you on Wednesday was not your fault.”

Mark Mester

Mark Mester praised Janene Drafts, the station’s general manager, for allowing Romero to go for another position, but attacked Sam Rubin’s script, who initially reported her leaving.

“It was regrettable. It was unacceptable, and we apologize for that since they deserved to say farewell. I’m not sure who authored the script. I’m not sure who gave it to Sam Rubin. Regardless, this was a blunder. We owe you an explanation.”

Mark Mester’s remarks went popular on the internet and were even displayed on the FTV Live website before being removed due to copyright difficulties. On the same day, Mark shared a video of an aircraft flying over the studio with a memorial message for Romero on his social media profile. According to The Desk, Mark was suspended from the channel due to his conduct. Drafs clarified her position by visiting the studio on September 19 and claiming that Romero’s choice to quit the station for another employment opportunity was her decision.

Mark Mester

Reactions on Twitter to the Mark Mester-Lynette Romero controversy

When word broke that Mark Mester had been suspended due to his statements, Twitter erupted. Users criticized the station when Mester adopted Romero’s stance, with others threatening to quit watching KTLA. It is unknown what Lynette Romero’s next move will be at the time of writing. However, on September 15, she took to Twitter and encouraged her followers to “remain tuned” till she returned.

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