Mark Driscoll Passed Away At The Age Of 72

Mark Driscoll, a well-known radio broadcaster and voiceover artist, died at the age of 72 yesterday, August 22, 2022. Driscoll died while receiving hospice treatment in West Palm Beach., music, and radio trade website, originally reported Driscoll’s death, which was subsequently verified by Art Vuolo, a well-known radio industry filmmaker, and historian. Prior to his death, Mark had relocated to West Palm Beach and had been battling health concerns since July 2022. The precise cause of death for Mark is unknown. His funeral arrangements will be made public as soon as possible.

Everything You Need to Know to about Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll was a well-known program director, voiceover artist, and radio DJ at many stations. His unusual voice was recognized by the majority of industry specialists. As a youth, the Oklahoma native started his career in Texas under Gordon McLendon. He then worked in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, D.C. D.C. Driscoll also provided voiceovers for ABC shows such as Scandal and served as a post-Don Pardo voice on Saturday Night Live. He then contributed his voice to a Fox prime-time highlight reel. Mark’s TV voiceover work was handled by the Avalon Artists Group in Los Angeles.

Mark Driscoll

Mark rose to prominence in radio in 1991 as a result of his liners and station promotional work for clients such as WKHI-FM, KKLQ-FM “Q106,” and KTFM “Hot 103.” When WIOQ-FM “Q102” in Philadelphia first broadcast in 1989, Driscoll’s voice was utilized for imagery and advertisements. At the time, WEGX “Eagle 106” had recently gotten into the Top 40. Tony Novia, a former CHR/Pop Editor at Radio & Records, remembered:

“He was a part of Randy Michaels’ psychological reasoning when he put on ‘The Power Pig’ in Tampa.”

Beginning in 1974, Mark worked at WBBF in Rochester, New York, then KSTP/Minneapolis in 1976, and WNBC-AM in New York, where he arranged a 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. slot until October 1978. Driscoll afterward opted to work as a programming consultant and voiceover artist.

Mark Driscoll

Twitter users pay tribute

Mark Driscoll has been well-known for his many appearances on different radio stations throughout the years. As news of his passing spread, Twitter was inundated with condolences. Below are some of the tributes. Matt Seinberg of Big Apple Airchecks is arranging an aircheck homage to Driscoll and is seeking for any of his friends and coworkers who would want to participate. Driscoll’s personal life is still unknown in great detail.

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