Maria Menounos Health: What Happened To Her? Pregnant Announcement

Menounos is an actress, journalist, television host, and entertainment reporter from the United States. Menounos has covered high-profile events such as the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes for a variety of media sources, including Access Hollywood, Today, Extra, and E! News.

Menounos has also appeared in movies and television series such as “One Tree Hill,” “Entourage,” and “The Mindy Project.” Menounos is also a published author, having penned “The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life” and “The EveryGirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness.”

Is Maria Menounos expecting a child?

Maria Menounos and her husband, Keven Undergaro, have revealed that they are expecting their first child through surrogacy. As a result, she is not pregnant, but she is expecting their kid this summer. The couple had been upfront about their infertility issues and their desire to use surrogacy to create a baby. Menounos and her husband, Keven Undergaro, had been attempting to establish a baby for almost a decade and had tried a variety of fertility treatments.

Maria Menounos

Menounos spoke out about her infertility issues on Snapchat in 2016, after her IVF therapy failed. To boost their chances of conceiving, the couple attempted a variety of tactics, including medical procedures and even unusual measures, such as hanging Menounos upside down. The actress explained that she and her husband had intended to go to Greece in the summer, but their plans had to be pushed forward since they were expecting a child via surrogacy. During the announcement, Menounos grew emotional and conveyed her thanks to the presenters and the audience for their support during her journey. She also expressed excitement and emotion at the news.

Maria Menounos’s Medical Problems And Brain Tumor

Maria Menounos stated in an article with People magazine published on Wednesday that she had battled pancreatic cancer after being diagnosed early in January. Menounos, who is presently expecting her first child through a surrogate with her husband Keven Undergaro, advised people to be proactive about their health and not allow fear to keep them from obtaining medical attention.

She underlined the significance of early detection and urged people to be aware of the services available for early diagnosis of health conditions. Menounos expressed thankfulness for being alive and healthy and conquering cancer since she found it early enough, and she wants to motivate others to take their health seriously as well.

Maria Menounos

Menounos has dealt with a number of health issues over the years, including a brain tumor removed five years ago and a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Despite these obstacles, she persisted and was able to improve her health. In October 2022, she declared she was good with her health, brain tumor, and diabetes. Despite feeling fine in October of last year, Maria Menounos had stomach discomfort and diarrhea a month later. Doctors discovered nothing suspicious after tests and a CT scan, but Menounos’ agony persisted.

After some time, she discovered the growth was a malignant Stage 2 pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. Menounos described her treatment for pancreatic cancer as “extremely painful.” She did, however, indicate that she does not need additional treatment and that she will have yearly scans for the next five years to check her health.

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