Maria Duus- All About The Girlfriend Of Yussuf Poulsen

Yussuf Poulsen, a Danish professional football player, has a celebrity girlfriend named Maria Duus. He is a striker for the Bundesliga club RB Leipzig as well as the Danish national team. Maria is a native of Denmark. She is Danish by nationality. Yussuf is a well-known and accomplished Danish football player. He is well-known for his great field performance and playing methods. He began playing football at an early age. The actual start date of his youth career is unknown, however, he completed it in 2011 to pursue his senior year. He began playing for the Danish national teams in 2010, even before beginning his professional career. He has always proved himself on the field and has no plans to do so in the near future.

Quick Facts

Full Name Maria Duus
First Name Maria
Last Name Duus
Profession Celebrity Fiance
Nationality Danish
Birth Country Denmark
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Relation
Relation With Yussuf Poulsen
No Of Children 1
Sibilings Rasmus Lindberg


Maria is not yet married, but she will soon be the wife of football star Yussuf. The pair began dating in 2015 and has been together since. She has always been by his side and supported him through all of his ups and downs. Yussuf then got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?” on September 8th, 2019, and she said yes. The couple also has a son together, the name of whom has not yet been revealed, as they want to raise their child away from the media spotlight and allow him to enjoy a normal upbringing free of cameras.

What brought them together

The precise date of Yussuf and Maria’s first encounter is uncertain, however, they met at their birthplace in Denmark while they were in fourth grade. They began dating in 2015. They began to get closer and are still together now, and their love for each other grows stronger with time.

Maria Duus

The proposition

Yussuf chose a romantic setting for the proposal since Maria is his life’s passion. He planned a holiday for both of them in Santorini, one of the most beautiful and romantic spots on the planet. He made it out to be a typical retreat, but little did she know she was in for the surprise of her life when he got down on one knee and pulled out a diamond ring with a gorgeous sunset view. Maria was already pregnant with their child, and she looked radiant in the photos.


Yussuf values education as much as he does his football career. He believes that his football career will not last forever. So he wants to acquire his high school diploma at the very least and is working toward that goal. He manages to balance his athletic career and schooling well.

Maria Duus

What inspired him to pursue a career in football?

Shihe Yurary, Yussuf’s father, had a tremendous enthusiasm for football and always wanted to continue his career as a football player, which was cut short because of shipping obligations and the demands of his family. As a result, he desired his kid to accomplish his goal. He subsequently died, and Yussuf resolved to play football in memory of his father.

Net Worth

Maria’s net worth is unknown. Yussuf’s net worth is ten million euros as of December 2022.

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