Marciano Cantero Passed Away At The Age Of 62

Well-known singer and musician Marciano Cantero has dead at the age of 62. In an interview with the local press, his son Javier said,

“As sad as I am, I am 30 years old, and the 30 years I was allowed to spend with dad were a blessing.” I can’t help but be glad for the terrific guy he was and for all the affection he received these days.”

Cantero was in the hospital at the time of his death, and Javier reported that his condition was severe after surgery. He went on to say that he wants his followers to remember his father as a lovely guy and his closest friend in the world, not simply as a singer, musician, and composer. He concluded his remarks by saying,

“He always maintained in all the interviews that ‘Amigos,’ the song, was written because he wanted his kid to be his closest buddy, and it came true and he knew it, so that leaves me alone.”

Marciano Cantero

Marciano Cantero caused of death

Marciano Cantero was admitted to a private facility in Mendoza, Argentina, on September 7 owing to a renal issue that required surgery. According to one of his pals, he has already had surgery and his health is anticipated to improve shortly. The kidney and a portion of the spleen were removed during surgery, according to the Mendoza daily Los Andes. Meanwhile, his family said that his health has deteriorated from the day he was brought to the facility. Cantero’s son Javier said that his father was unable to overcome the issues and thanked all of the fans, friends, and family for their continued support and prayers.

Marciano Cantero Music Career

Horacio Eduardo Cantero Hernandez, born on August 25, 1960, identified The Beatles as one of his musical inspirations when he heard them for the first time at the age of nine. Marciano bought a bass guitar and started learning with the help of his elder brother. After his graduation, his father got him a new bass guitar, and he attended underground performances under Argentina’s military regime.

Marciano Cantero

In 1979, he established Los Enanitos Verdes alongside Felipe Staiti and Daniel Piccolo. After becoming popular, they began performing in Buenos Aires bars and recording their first album. Marciano thereafter concentrated on his solo work, releasing Luna Nieva in 1990 and Beat Club in 1991. He continued to create records with Enanitos Verdes and produced a Greatest Hits Compilation Live CD in 1995. Pescado Original, their most recent album, was released in 2006.

Twitter users pay tribute

Marciano Cantero rose to prominence as a faultless vocalist, and as word of his death spread, Twitter was swamped with accolades. Fans described the musician’s death as “unreal,” from remembering him for his songs to discussing what his music meant to them. He is survived by family members whose names are unknown, and no details about his personal life have been released.

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