Mads Lewis Explains Truth Behind ‘Better Than Revenge’ Tik Tok Video

Mads Lewis finally joined the BFFs podcast after much anticipation. She originally disputed the allegations, claiming that she was terrified of saying the wrong thing and raising a ruckus. Josh Richards, according to host Dave Portnoy, was the only one who could bring her on the show.

However, Portnoy and Brianna LaPagalia acknowledged on the podcast that it was not Richards who persuaded her. After they agreed on what issues were off-limits for discussion, Portnoy approached her and persuaded her to come on. Lewis also claimed that she agreed to be on the show since she had been invited repeatedly, and it was now or never for her. As a result, she agreed.

The TikTok star revealed that she found out about everything on March 29th, and by everything, she meant her ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler cheating on her with Nessa Barrett. She stated that she would address it as a method of moving on from the drama and that she would never discuss it again.

Mads Lewis
Mads Lewis

Mads Lewis On Better Than Revenge Video

During the podcast, Lewis discussed the video for her song “Better Than Revenge.” Lewis performed a TikTok to Taylor Swift’s song “Better Than Revenge” last year. Backstabbing and women stealing other women’s partners are the main themes of the song.

With lines such as, “Let’s hear the acclaim because she came along, got him alone. She grabbed him before you could say sabotage. “The song was written specifically for ladies who had been dumped. And Lewis, who was crushed by Hossler and Barrett, posted a video about the three of them on the app, which went viral.

A montage of Lewis and Hossler cuddling, kissing and smiling opened the video. The montage turned to photographs of Hossler and Barrett smiling suspiciously fondly at each other when the line about sabotage fell.

When she found out about the infidelity, she was upset, but her friends Sab and Emma urged her to upload the TikTok. So she put it up but later received a call from her mother asking her to take it down, which she did.
Lewis tried to remove it, but it was too late. The video became viral, and she got caught up in the drama.

Josh Richards And Mads Lewis Reunion

Lewis and Richards have recently started creating a lot of TikTok videos together. As a result, many began to speculate if they were dating. On the show, Portnoy questioned the two if they had ever considered hooking up to spite their respective ex-wives.

Lewis confirmed that she did and that she considered creating a group chat and sending them photos. Richards did not say if he had considered a vengeance hook-up, but he did say that Lewis’ ideas were demonic.
Portnoy questioned the two whether they were ever “close to hooking up” at the end of the video.

They paused for a moment before ultimately responding “no.” The podcast came to an end when Portnoy and LaPaglia stated they didn’t believe them since they were uncomfortable and reluctant.

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