MacKenzie Scott Filed For A Divorce From Dan Jewett

MacKenzie Scott, an American philanthropist, has filed for divorce from her second husband, Dan Jewett. According to Bloomberg, the 52-year-old celebrity filed a petition on September 26, 2022, at Washington’s King County Superior Court, outlining the mechanism for distributing the real estate and personal possessions.

According to the document:

“We want that the court terminates our marriage.” There is no requirement for spousal support.”

MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett married in secret in March 2021 and divorced a year later. The couple initially mentioned marital troubles when Jewett’s name was nowhere to be seen in the novelist’s charitable initiatives. Dan’s letter was not shown alongside Scott’s on the website of Bill Gates’ owned NGO, Giving Pledge. Furthermore, Dan Jewett is not mentioned as her second husband in her Amazon biography.

MacKenzie Scott’s ex-husband was a science teacher.

Dan Jewett has been a teacher for a long time, according to his Giving Pledge profile. According to the Express UK, Jewett teaches science at Lakeside School in Seattle, where Scott’s children, whom she shares with ex-husband Jeff Bezos, are presently enrolled. According to the Washington Post, the former couple initially met at the school where he taught Scott’s children. The Lakeside School, one of the finest co-ed high schools in the nation, costs more than $38,000 per year. Dan Jewett formerly worked as a science teacher at Seattle’s The Bush School from 2011 until 2016.

MacKenzie Scott

Despite the fact that nothing is known about Dan and his personal life, a statement placed on his Giving Pledge website claims that he has been a teacher for “the bulk” of his life and has expressed his thanks to his pupils.

“This has meant trying my best to emulate them by donating resources of all kinds—from time, energy, and material possessions—when I had them to offer.”

In the letter, Jewett also mentioned MacKenzie Scott and his attempts to donate the majority of her wealth:

“By a wonderful accident, I am married to one of the most giving and lovely individuals I know, and I am joining her in a promise to leave a large financial fortune to benefit others.” I’m looking forward to the opportunities for development and learning that this project with MacKenzie will provide.”

After they married and publicized it on the Giving Pledge website, the couple did not leave Seattle and, according to MacKenzie Scott’s Amazon page, have been living in the city with her four children.

MacKenzie Scott

MacKenzie Scott formerly married Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, from 1993 to 2013. They have four children together. Scott became the world’s 12th wealthiest person following their divorce, receiving $38 billion from Bezos when their property was divided in half. Her current net worth is $53 billion, $4 billion of which she has previously contributed to charity.

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