Luke Hemsworth Opened Up About His Attempts to Be a Good Father

Luke Hemsworth used to believe that males shouldn’t be “sad, unsure, weak, and all that stuff,” but that has all changed after his children were born.

As of this writing, Hemsworth and his wife Samantha have been married for almost 15 years, and they have four beautiful children: daughters Holly, Ella, and Harper Rose, as well as a son Alexandre.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph (via Dailymail), the actor admitted that being expressive was a skill he picked up later in life.

“It was never normal to feel emotional as a bloke,” the actor admitted candidly.

Luke Hemsworth On Being A Better Father

Luke Hemsworth’s upbringing included a strong emphasis on the traditional idea of “manhood.” The actor couldn’t always connect with his children because of his character’s default attitude.

I have days when I believe my children are aliens and refuse to interact with them. However, he has matured as a father over time, and part of that, at least for him, came from accepting that not being able to bond with one’s children was alright. He realized that this emotion didn’t imply he didn’t love his children any less.

“But sometimes I can’t help but worry that what I’m doing is badly influencing them,” the actor admitted.

Having said that, the actor appears to have realized that being a father is a work in progress. Luke Hemsworth is a British actor who plays Luke Hemsworth. With my wife and children, I relocated to Australia.
After spending a decade in the City of Angels, Hemsworth returned to his home in Australia with his wife and children in 2020.

While the actor initially stated that he made this decision to give his children more time with their uncle and grandparents, he later revealed that the primary motivation was much more serious.

His new home in Australia was about a mile away from his brother, Chris, and was within walking distance of his parents’ home.

Hemsworth told Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa.

A few months after the relocation, they fled the US because they were afraid of school shootings. He stated, “We didn’t want the kids to go to high school over there, with machine guns and such.” “Of course, it was time to return!”

The kids, on the other hand, were not very enthusiastic about the transfer. The change in seeing them and how pleased they seem to be back here was fascinating.

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