Luis Miguel And His Brother Sergio Do Not Speak To Each Other Due To Family Dispute

Luis Miguel, born Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, is a well-known Puerto Rican-born Mexican singer who has performed in a variety of genres and styles such as pop songs, boleros, ballads, tangos, jazz, big band, and mariachi. In 2018, Netflix produced Luis Miguel: The Series, a biographical television series based on his tumultuous life and rise to stardom, aimed at the singer’s large audience. The Spanish-language biographical series depicted how his childhood and adolescent family issues to a climax with the death of his father, Luisito Rey, and the disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri.

Furthermore, audiences were given a glimpse inside the singer’s connection with his two younger brothers, Alejandro and Sergio, who went from being extremely close as children to barely speaking to one other following the family upheaval. The newly released second season of the program included one of the timelines from the 1990s, in which Luis (played by Diego Boneta) struggled to reconcile caring for his two brothers and his work following his father’s death. But how is the Miguel brothers’ relationship now? What exactly transpired between them? Everything you need to know is right here!

Are the Miguel Brothers on good terms right now?

Currently, the famous musician and his brother Sergio do not communicate with one another. According to Distractify, the two brothers stopped conversing when Luis expressed a desire to purchase a home in Spain for his brother Sergio. Sergio, on the other hand, desired to finish his education in the United States, attend Boston College, and attend Harvard Law School.

Luis Miguel

However, the singer as opposed to the choice and desired that his brother attend college in England. Sergio allegedly had a major falling out with his brother after telling him he wanted to remain in the United States. The family’s doctor, Octavio Foncerrada, spoke with Metro Word News regarding Luis and Sergio’s connection, stating,

“It was when they couldn’t fully comprehend each other. Sergio warned him, ‘Wait a minute,’ and then there was a schism, Luis Miguel cut off his financial assistance, and they also erased all evidence of friendship and communication.”

However, the two brothers’ friendship was never repaired following that schism, and they have not spoken to one other since. The same is true for Alejandro and Sergio, who does not talk. Having said that, Luis and Alejandro are extremely honest with one another and have a good fraternal bond. In fact, NewsBeezer claimed in 2018 that the two were photographed together at a Miami bowling alley celebrating Alejandro’s birthday. Similarly, Alejandro shared an Instagram snapshot of Luis on stage in April 2018 to wish his elder brother a happy birthday.

What Are Alejandro and Sergio Up To These Days?

While Luis lives a comfortable life surrounded by celebrities, his brothers must work hard for a livelihood and bear the stigma of being the famous musician’s siblings.

Luis Miguel

Sergio, for example, was forced to return to Guadalajara and live with Foncerrada when Luis cut him off financially. He also had to abandon his ambitions to study in Boston owing to financial constraints, which led him to pursue photography. However, due to the preceding reason, he was unable to finish it as well. Sergio, on the other hand, is said to be doing well as a photographer today and puts all of his efforts into his job to provide the greatest outcomes.

Alejandro, on the other hand, is said to be residing in Mexico and working in the business field. His job enables him to manage a variety of businesses, ranging from petrol stations to construction firms and has enabled him to amass millions of dollars.

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