Love Island Star Deb Chubb And Jesse Bray Split Up After Dating For Four Months

Season 4 of Love Island USA Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray were the initial pair that finished as the Peacock show’s second runner-up. After four months of dating, the couple announced their separation. Deb broke the news to her followers through an Instagram story, where she said that their plan to live geographically near to one other didn’t work out. As a result, the two decided that they would be friends rather than romantically engaged.

Deb’s post stated:

“I just wanted to let you all know that Jesse and I have taken the painful choice to split up.” We have determined that we will always work better as friends and have love and respect for one another.”

It went on to say:

“We were hoping that being closer geographically would strengthen our relationship, but we realized we’re better off as friends who will support each other in this new phase of our lives.”

Jesse Bray shared Deb’s Instagram photo on his story.

Jesse Bray and Deb Chubb have been dating since the first day of Love Island USA season 4, which wrapped in July 2022. They did, however, become separated a few times before finding their way back to one other on the program. Jesse uploaded the photo on his Instagram account after Deb revealed the separation from hers. He wrote on top of Deb’s post:

“I want to thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and support during this process. This summer, you all helped me develop a lot! You guys mean everything to me.”

Deb Chubb

Jesse traveled to California in October to make their relationship work. They couldn’t spend much time together since he lived an hour away from her. Deb discussed their connection in a recent interview with E! News. She stated:

“He went to live with one of his pals.” He’s adjusting, and we’re all trying to figure out our next steps in our careers. It’s difficult to see one other all the time, but we’re getting along OK.”

Deb and Jesse announced their separation only a few days after this interview.

Deb and Jesse’s Love Island USA relationship

Deb paired up with Jesse on episode 1 of Love Island USA season 4 (which aired on July 19, 2022). In the beginning, the two clearly fought to make things work between them. Jesse had a brief relationship with Valerie before returning to Deb. Deb opted to team up with someone else during the Casa Amor portion after working on their chemistry for a long time. She entered the villa with Kyle Fraser, but her heart was crushed as she saw Jesse going alone and without a partner. Kyle departed the program the same day, and Deb attempted to win Jesse back.

Deb Chubb

Deb began to doubt her love for Jesse during the closing days of Love Island USA season 4. Her concerns grew when Isaiah-Sydney and Zeta-Timmy got engaged. She subsequently turned down Jesse’s proposal, claiming she wasn’t ready for “something so serious.” Despite his sad sentiments, Jesse agreed with Deb and decided to give his relationship more time outside the villa. Jesse and Deb placed third in the Love Island USA season 4 finale and left the resort together. On Tuesday, the pair announced their split after four months of dating.

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