“Love Is Blind” Stars Kyle Abrams And Deepti Vempati Are Officially Dating

Love is Blind stars Kyle Abrams and After months of people guessing, the two took the next step and declared that they were dating. Netflix aired a three-episode special titled Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 2 on Friday. The cameras then turned to the now-couple, showing them having a talk and choosing to take the next step. Fans who saw Kyle and Deepti declare their affections and become official couldn’t help but express their support for the new couple on social media. One follower even said that “Deepti and Kyle ought to be in love,” adding that “they deserve each other and happiness.”

Prior to revealing their thoughts, both Kyle and Deepti spoke out about how they felt about each other during their confessional. Kyle said that he was hesitant to take the initial move since he didn’t want to lose her if things didn’t work out. Fortunately, he chose to take that chance and began dating his Love is Blind co-star.

Fans are overjoyed as Kyle and Deepti take their romance to new heights in Love is Blind.

Fans expressed their support for the pair on Twitter, saying that they deserved each other. Others expressed their delight that the two had finally chosen to make their relationship public. Some described the pair as “a fantastic fit,” while others saw the news as a “nice narrative twist.” Overall, it was clear that people all across the globe were overjoyed to find that Kyle and Deepti were dating.

“I gravitate towards you,” Deepti and Kyle admit in Love are Blind. Deepti and Kyle discussed their emotions for one other during Natalie’s 80s-themed birthday party, which Danielle and Nick hosted. Kyle began by asking Deepti whether she was satisfied with the way things were between them, to which Deepti replied:

“Obviously, there are sentiments involved. You gravitate towards me in the same way that I gravitate toward you.”

Kyle Abrams

Kyle informed Deepti she was the highlight of his life and went on to say:

“I’m overjoyed right now. I adore you and am really concerned about you. And whatever difficulties you have, they feel the same as mine… I simply want to build a relationship with you, like a real one. And be exclusive rather than simply being in limbo.”

Deepti asked Kyle if they were sure they were going to do it, and Kyle answered he was certain and wanted to. Despite his fears, the Love Is Blind actor chose to make things official with Deepti.

Kyle spoke out to People about why he was afraid to take their relationship to the next level at first. He stated:

“I placed a lot of pressure on myself because I didn’t want this to fail. I was afraid to intervene since she was my best friend.’ And if it doesn’t work out, you lose your buddy. Because if you split up for whatever reason — and I had no intention of breaking up — you always have to consider what comes next.”

Deepti Vempati

When asked whether things had changed since they first began dating, Kyle stated:

“After that, it was as if nothing had changed since I felt as if we were already dating. Almost every day, we saw each other.”

He went on to say that they did everything together and that she had previously met his family, so there was nothing strange about them. The three-part special Love is Blind: After the Altar is exclusively available on Netflix.

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