Love at First’s Josh Riquelme Talks About His First Reality Program

Season 1 of Love at First Lie recently concluded. Many lovers and liars appeared on the show as they attempted to win the prize by portraying their true love on screen or by lying through their teeth. Josh Riquelme, one of the show’s contestants, opened up about life after the show in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda. Josh and his girlfriend, Monica, were the second couple to be eliminated from the show. They did, however, return in the finale to help choose the winner alongside the other eliminated couples.

In an interview, the reality star stated that the show piqued his interest because he could be on it with his girlfriend.

He stated:

“I’ve always enjoyed reality television and found it fascinating. This show piqued my interest because it was a reality dating show that I could participate in with my girlfriend, Monica. Because many shows nowadays are centered on singles, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Josh Requelme, a Love at First Lie contestant, talks about his experience on the MTV show.

Josh recently appeared on MTV’s Love at First Lie with his girlfriend Monica, but their time on the show was shorter than they had hoped. The show debuted on October 13, 2022, and its season finale aired on December 27, 2022. In the final episode of the first season, all of the eliminated couples, including Josh and Monica, returned to choose a winner. The two were the second pair to depart. When asked about leaving the program so early, Josh expressed disappointment since they didn’t get to chat with all of the other couples as much as they would have liked.

He went on to say that if they had spent more time with the other couples, they would have progressed farther in the game. Josh is certain that everything occurs for a purpose, and that they walked inside the house to be themselves.

Josh Riquelme

He went on to say:

“Who knows what choices we would have taken and probably not been proud of if we had gone farther into the game.”

When asked how it felt that the others didn’t get to boost the amount of money in the pot at the time of their elimination on Love at First Lie, Josh said, “In a sense, it felt nice.” He claimed that the other cast members will benefit from the experience. He added that he attempted to warn the others to “mind their backs,” but that it was ineffective since lovers continued to be removed, leaving the pot constant around the middle of the game.

The Love at First Lie actor went on to praise his co-stars, stating that his favorite wild card pair was Steven and Tom. He said that it was because they were full of energy and brought a lot of fun to the home. Josh went on to say that the victors, Stephanie and Arabella, won the game “fair and square.” The Love at First Lie competitor noted that they were put through several trials while inside the house, and making it all the way to the finish as victors together is a huge achievement.

He went on to say that he:

“I’m excited to see what the future holds for them both, particularly now that they’ve won $175,000.”

The pair is still in contact with the folks they met on the reality program and keeps in touch with one another. He hopes they can all get together one day. According to reality, Tori Spellings, the presenter of Love at First Lie, was quite lovely and hospitable. He went on to say that she’s a lot more relatable now and that he’s thrilled to have reconnected with her after filming.

Josh Riquelme is a “big believer” in manifestation, so much so that he came to Twitter last year to say that before the end of the year, he’d be on a reality program, which he did. He spoke regarding the power of manifestation:

“OMG! I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction. Much of what has come to light in my life has resulted from speaking into reality and being constant.”

Josh Riquelme


He went on to say:

“When combined with hard effort, the manifestation may be rather stunning! If you don’t write down your objectives, I recommend you do so since there’s nothing better than crossing things off your list.”

Viewers may watch Love at First Lie episodes on MTV and follow the reality star on Instagram @riquelmejosh.

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