“Love at First Lie” Season 1 Is Set To Be Released On MTV Soon

MTV is getting ready to debut the ultimate game show, Love at First Lie, and viewers can’t wait to see who all the liars are. The series will launch on MTV on October 12 at 9:30 p.m. ET, with the first episode lasting an hour and a half. After the program airs on television, fans will be able to watch it on MTV’s website and Paramount+.

The season will consist of 12 episodes, and the winner will be able to take home up to $100,000 if they play the game correctly. The couples on the program will have to recognize bogus couples, and viewers will have the opportunity to do so while watching the episodes. Tori Spelling will host the program, and fans from over 170 nations will try to detect the liars.

Love at First Lie’s rules and Format

Love at First Lie will follow eight couples who live together, but some of them are actors who may not know anything about their phony relationships. The couples in the program will engage in a variety of related tasks together, which will aid the participants in determining the false duos. At the conclusion of each show, the competitors will vote out one possible false partnership in a truth ceremony. If they complete the assignment successfully, they will get $25,000 in their prize money fund; otherwise, they will receive nothing. The last pair remaining will get the whole amount, which may be worth $100,000.

According to the series description:

“Watch as presenter Tori Spelling invites eight couples to put their observation skills to the test as they attempt to figure out who among them is actually in love and who is faking their passion, with the winner couple taking home a large financial prize.”

Love at First Lie

Fans may attempt to detect the liars while watching the program, as advised by Tori Spelling, but they will not get any reward money like the Love at First Lie competitors.

Who is taking part in the first season of Love at First Lie?

The future episode will include eight couples.

Riani and Chantz

Riani is a 22-year-old Chicago native. During homecoming in 2014, she met her boyfriend Chantz, a 23-year-old model. Chantz believed Riani was the only one who was moving to the beat of the music, thus the pair made their relationship official on Riani’s birthday.

Alfie and Jake

Jake, 21, is from Cambridge, and Alfie, 25, is a shop manager from Essex. The pair met on social media and have been dating for the last 18 months.

Annabelle and Joe

Joe, 29, works in firm relationships, and Annabell, 28, works in content production. They are from the United Kingdom but have lived in Dubai for numerous years. They met at the university where they were both studying. Joe found his way into Annabell’s DMs, and the pair have been together for seven years.

Monica and Josh

Josh is 24 years old, and Monica is a Cuban from New Jersey who is 25 years old. The pair met on Instagram and have been dating for a year and ten months. Monica had nearly missed the couple’s first date owing to an eye ailment, which was a humorous detail about her.

Love at First Lie

Brian and Karla

Karla is 28 years old, and Brian is 25 years old. They both hail from Rhode Island and met at a casino. Brian faked losing the game, and Karla handed him her business card. Following this meeting, the pair went bowling together, and the rest is history.

The following Love at First Lie couples are quite unknown:

  • Yuriy from the United States and Alicia from the United Kingdom
  • Stephanie and Arabella from the United Kingdom
  • Cece and Reasey from the United States

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