LOONA’s YeoJin Admits To Have Earned Nothing Since Her Debut Six Years Ago

YeoJin of LOONA recently confessed on Fab, a fan-artist site, that she has no revenue or earnings. Twitter user @litell Johnn shared English translations of the singer’s Fab conversations on Friday, September 23, 2022. In response to a fan’s comment that she was lucky to be affluent, the female K-pop star admitted in the conversation that the contrary was true.

YeoJin, 19, then stated that she had yet to be paid. She answered, “since debut,” when asked how long it had been delayed. On September 27, a Reddit member brought the matter to the notice of the r/kpopthoughts thread. Blockberry Creative is in charge of LOONA (BBC). They made their formal debut in 2018, however, they were first exposed to the public through an episodic series from 2016 to 2018. If her wages have been withheld since her debut in 2016, the idol has been working without pay for over six years.

LOONA’s YeoJin was not paid reminded netizens of the brutal realities of K-pop.

Being an idol is a full-time career that comes with several expenditures such as accommodation, food, transportation, medical, song creation, marketing, video production, and so on. As a consequence, new organizations (particularly those not affiliated with well-known corporations) begin on a shoestring budget and spend years without earning a dime.

LOONA's YeoJin

LOONA from Blockberry Creative is one of them. The Paint the Town organization has lately been in the headlines for a variety of reasons, including health difficulties, certain members’ refusal to participate in globe tours, and more. Despite fans’ requests that the agency allows the ladies to relax, this persists. LOONA’s YeoJin recently admitted to her fans that she had not earned anything since her debut. The reaction happened when an admirer praised her purse, saying it was excellent and demonstrated her affluence. Another admirer asked if she could say it aloud, and she answered sure. She responded:

“Actually, I’m a bit depressed… But there’s nothing I can do, it’s true…”

One fan expressed relief that she could finally let go of the stress and share such an essential and sensitive topic with followers. YeoJin then responded by saying:

“It feels good to me as well!” That takes a lot of guts right now.”

Meanwhile, supporters are torn between their worry for YeoJin and their anger at the agency. It’s also disheartening to watch LOONA continue their global tour despite several setbacks, but supporters recognize that concerts are a significant source of cash.

LOONA's YeoJin

Blockberry Creative made headlines last year owing to its large debt and inability to pay long-term dues. It was rumored that LOONA will be dissolved. Fans were so desperate that they mocked Elon Musk and asked him to rescue the group. However, the gang managed to reverse the tide. On June 20, 2022, the 12-member ensemble released their summer special EP named Flip That. They are now on tour for LOONATHEWORLD, which has been rescheduled for a four-day delay.

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