Lisa Of BLACKPINK Has Shown Her Rich Thai Background To The World Five Times

Lisa is a member of BLACKPINK. She recently returned to her native country of Thailand. It was a long-overdue homecoming for her since it was her first trip back in over three years. Between the limits imposed by Covid-19 and the release of her long-awaited solo album, LALISA, the rapper had no option but to concentrate on her marketing. Lisa relocated to South Korea after working as a trainee for YG Entertainment. She debuted as a member of BLACKPINK in 2016 and went on to achieve great success with the group. She was only a young girl from the Thai town of Buriram until everything happened to her. As a result, when she was given a chance to record a self-titled solo album, she wanted to incorporate all of the elements that made her native nation unique.

Lisa of BLACKPINK has exercised her rich Thai heritage five times in front of the globe.

Lisa has made a name for herself in the K-pop business via her many luxury brand sponsorships as well as her coaching of Youth With You, a Chinese girl group reality program. All of these accomplishments are in addition to her status as a member of the world’s largest female group at the time. The Thai rapper can do it all, from smashing records to rigorous mentorship on reality programs.

Lisa also incorporated a Thai interview into her hectic schedule when she launched her hugely successful maiden solo album. The 25-year-old also contributed to the creative direction of LALISA by offering feedback on the clothing, backdrop images, and music to represent her culture.

1) In the LALISA music video, traditional Thai attire is worn.

Lisa appears in the music video for LALISA dressed in a traditional Thai outfit complete with a headpiece. Hooks by Prapakas created the head ornament, which is based on the Chada, a traditional Thai headpiece used by dancers. The jewelry is from Sarran, and the golden jasmine ear cuff is an homage to the Sangwan ceremonial breast necklace.


The dress was designed by Asava and was constructed of traditional Thai brocade gold silk, hand-embroidered, and embellished with Swarovski crystals. These three companies are all Thai-owned. Lisa desired her solo project represent as much of her culture as possible. In a press conference, she said the following, according to Soompi:

“I wanted ‘Lalisa’ to have a Thai vibe. The set and clothes also do a good job of capturing the Thai mood.”

The BLACKPINK singer discussed several parts of her culture. She told Billboard that she persuaded producer Teddy Park to add traditional Thai music to the dance break. She also used Thailand’s Phanom Rung Stone Castle in the images for the LALISA song video. As a consequence, people all around the world received a taste of her native country.

2) Contributing to the financial success of vendors one shoutout at a time

After living in Korea for so long, the Thai-born dance queen misses certain aspects of her own country. She remarked that the meatballs at Buriram’s railway station had a particular sauce that she likes delightful in an interview with Thai content producer Woody. Following Lisa’s interview, Buriram’s meatball sellers saw an increase in orders. They praised the rapper in a local interview for unwittingly marketing their goods as they battled throughout the epidemic. The rapper’s headgear during LALISA also increased selling of traditional headdresses in Thai stores.

3) Thailand’s Prime Minister complimented Lisa for introducing Thai history to the international scene.

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, commended her for promoting Thai culture in her solo debut. He also stated his goal to expand the country’s soft power after the success of LALISA. According to the Bangkok Post, a government spokeswoman stated:

“Gen Prayut admires Thai artists’ accomplishment, particularly people whose works demonstrate their passion and desire to inspire many Thais in creative sectors such as arts, music, and movies.”


4) Lisa’s popularity as a K-pop idol

The BLACKPINK member is not the first Thai star to make his or her K-pop debut. Others have included Nichkhun from 2 PM and Bambam from GOT7. But BLACKPINK’s youngest member is at a very another level. The 25-year-old rapper’s celebrity has no boundaries, even as a solo artist, performer, ambassador, and model. BLACKPINK’s main dancer is one of the most successful go-to musicians in the world, with endorsement agreements with Adidas, Vivo cellphones, MAC Cosmetics, and Bvlgari.


Lisa was named the brand presenter for AIS Thailand, the country’s biggest GSM mobile phone provider, in 2019. Furthermore, Moonshot, a South Korean cosmetics company, appointed her as the ambassador of a unique collection for Thailand, which featured her signature on the package.

5) Her humanitarian efforts in Thailand

The BLACKPINK maknae may be very wealthy, but she never allows her wealth to get in the way of doing good. When a severe flood-hit Thailand in 2019, she gave 100,000 baht to the flood relief fund established by Thai actor Bin Bunluerit. With her fellow BLACKPINK bandmates, the Thai rapper has contributed money to numerous good causes. She also collaborated with YG Entertainment to raise cash for the Korean Foundation For International Cultural Exchange to create a cultural center at a school in Buriram.

The facility would have top-of-the-line equipment as well as a K-pop dance school for budding dancers. BLACKPINK’s solo activities and commercial sponsorships have allowed her to stay in touch with her culture. Lisa’s solo album boldly declared her Thai identity to the world, focusing on topics she feels people should be aware of. LALISA encouraged the Prime Minister to include soft power as a factor to consider. With BLACKPINK set to make a return shortly, fans can expect the young rapper to wow them once again with her rhyming and dance abilities.

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