Lindsay Lohan Disclosed Her Relationship With Aaron Carter Following His Death 

Lindsay Lohan, an American actress, reminisced on her previous connection with musician Aaron Carter two days following his death. Lohan and Carter were together from January 2002 till April 2003. The 36-year-old actress paid homage to him in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Her “heart goes out” to Carter and his family, she said, adding that there is “a lot of love there.”

Aaron Carter’s unconscious corpse was discovered in a bathtub at his Lancaster, California, home on November 5, 2022. His corpse was found by his home sitter at about 11 a.m., following which she phoned the police, who declared him dead at the spot. The responding authorities discovered multiple cans of compressed air and prescription medicine bottles in the singer’s bathroom, where his death was discovered, according to TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan hadn’t talked to Aaron Carter in a while.

Lindsay Lohan said in a separate interview with Access Hollywood that she hadn’t spoken with Aaron Carter in a “long time.” She went on to say that she had multiple childhood recollections of the I Want Candy vocalist. Lohan, Carter, and Hilary Duff were supposedly embroiled in a love triangle in the early 2000s because their relationships overlapped. Aaron Carter discussed his connection overlap with the two females in a 2005 interview with Donny Deutsch on The Big Idea.

Lindsay Lohan

He said that he met Duff on his 13th birthday and that they dated for a year and a half until he “grew bored.” That’s when he said “getting to know Lindsay, dating Lindsay.” However, he said that he no longer want to do so and resumed his relationship with Hilary Duff. Between 2001 to 2004, Hilary Duff and Carter were co-stars on Disney’s Lizzie McGuire and were romantically connected on and off. There were reports at the time that Aaron was dating both Lindsay and Hilary at the same time, resulting in an apparent quarrel between the two stars.

Lindsay Lohan claimed to People Magazine in 2003 that she had no ill will toward Aaron and Hilary. The Parent Trap actress said that she and Aaron were friends and that their romance was in the past. She also remarked that she wished Hilary Duff the best.

Lindsay Lohan


Duff paid homage to Carter on her Instagram account after his death was verified by media sources. She also expressed regret that “life was so terrible” for him and that he had to suffer in public. Carter had an extremely effervescent appeal, according to the A Cinderella Story actress, and her adolescent self loved him dearly. Lindsay Lohan was most recently seen as the narrator of Amazon Prime’s reality dating program Lovestruck High. Her next appearance will be in Irish Wish. She will also star in Netflix’s holiday film Falling For Christmas.

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