Lin Brehmer Passed Away At The Age Of 68

Lin Brehmer, a well-known DJ, and radio personality died on January 22, 2023, at the age of 68, after a lengthy battle with cancer. His burial arrangements are presently unavailable. Along with his usual audience, other prominent stars and influential figures have resorted to social media to express their condolences and pay respect to him via poignant messages. Los Lobos, a rock band, paid respect to Brehmer on Facebook by uploading a photo and giving their views on the former radio presenter, writing:

“There was no greater friend or supporter on the planet than you. When he stood up and played maracas with us at his birthday celebration, his grin could have lighted up Wrigley. Our brother, may you rest in peace.”

Radio station 93XRT also expressed their sorrow in a Facebook message, writing,

“It is with great sadness that we must notify you that we have all lost our dearest buddy. Lin Brehmer battled cancer for as long as he could. He died quietly this morning, surrounded by his wife and kids. His XRT family will commemorate the magnificent life of our closest buddy in the whole world tomorrow at 10 a.m. We’ll be there for each other throughout this heartbreaking moment. Lin would appreciate it. “Don’t take anything for granted.”

Lin Brehmer

Meanwhile, WGN-TV film critic and entertainment reporter Dean Richards characterized Brehmer as an incredible talent as well as a compassionate and passionate human being.

Lin Brehmer took a leave of absence from work to undergo chemotherapy.

Lin Brehmer had been fighting prostate cancer for quite some time before his death. He announced his intention to take the same break in July of last year. He said the same thing in a tweet, explaining,

“Starting Monday, I shall begin a long term of chemotherapy. It’s vital for me to take a break from my radio program.”

He even addressed his audience and asked them to be friendly to him as they had always done. Brehmer also said that he will miss spending time with them every day, but that this is only a phase that would pass. However, the exact date Brehmer was diagnosed with the condition is uncertain, however, it has been proven that he has been fighting it for many years. One of the most frequent kinds of cancer is prostate cancer. In most cases, the prostate develops slowly and stays inside the prostate gland, while others might spread fast.

Lin Brehmer

Lin Brehmer was well-known for his work on several radio stations.

Brehmer, who was born on August 19, 1954, became interested in radio while attending Colgate University. He began his career as a DJ on WQBK-FM before becoming a music director at WXRT. He then became the program director of KTCZ-FM before returning to WXRT. Later, Brehmer worked alongside news anchor Mary L. Dixon. He used to refer to himself as the greatest friend in the world, and his catchphrase “it’s fantastic to be alive” was popular among his admirers and followers. He was engaged in the development of Lin’s Bin writings, which were eventually televised.

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