Lim Ji-yeon And Yoon Gyun-sang Have Been Accused Of Animal Abuse

Rose Mansion, one of the most recent K-dramas to premiere, is presently embroiled in a scandal. The drama, which stars Lim Ji-yeon and Yoon Gyun-sang, has been accused of animal cruelty during filming. The animal, specifically a cat, was purportedly utilized in a frightening scenario. KARA, an animal protection organization, has condemned the performance on its official social media accounts.

Did Rose Mansion’s creators use an actual cat to recreate the horrible scene?

According to KARA’s statement,

“There is a gruesome incident in Rose Mansion Episode 4 concerning the murder of a cat. The attacker is shown repeatedly stabbing the cats, and the sight and sound of the horrible crime are uncannily comparable to real life.”

The animal protection organization demanded that the show’s creators explain whether or not a live cat was used to illustrate this scenario. They said,

“We want that TVING clarify the scenario in which the animal is slaughtered.”

Yoon Gyun-sang

Following this charge, fans of the K-drama demanded an answer from the showrunners. In reaction to the rising outrage, TVING provided the following response to KARA’s question:

“We sincerely sorry about the cat scene. We shot the event in question without a cat present. Due to the limits of CGI, we had to employ a trained cat. The cat is healthy and well-cared for.”

They also verified that the relevant episode has been deleted from the streaming site. It will be reuploaded shortly with the distressing scene removed.

What is the story of Rose Mansion?

The program, which is now available on TVING, is an R-rated criminal thriller. It centres on Ji-na, a contract employee at a hotel. She suffers in life as a result of her inferiority mentality, but she keeps her troubles hidden from the outer world. When she discovers that her sister has gone missing, everything in her life is turned upside down. She returns to her parents’ neighborhood and starts her stay in the Rose Mansion. As she begins her own inquiry into her missing sister’s disappearance, she discovers that her neighbours are not who they seem to be. She does not believe them and does not take them lightly.

Yoon Gyun-sang
She meets investigator Park Min-soo at this time, who agrees to assist her with the inquiry. As they dive further into the case, the two discover more than they bargained for. Their lives take a sharp turn as they understand they will have to handle several challenging scenarios. This becomes the show’s climax.

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