Liam Hemsworth And Gabriella Brooks Have Split After Dating For 3 Years

After three years of dating, Australian star Liam Hemsworth and his girlfriend Gabriella Brooks have allegedly split up. According to unsubstantiated accusations made by a source to news site In Touch, the 32-year-old actor and 26-year-old model called it quits “a couple of months ago” due to Hemsworth’s choice to prioritize his job. Brooks is said to be “heartbroken” as a result of this.

The insider went on to say,

“He didn’t want to be tied down, and business has increased since the outbreak ended.”

Liam’s connection with Brooks started soon after the Hunger Games actor terminated his relationship with Miley Cyrus after more than a decade of dating and two years of marriage.

Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks’s relationship

Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks began dating in December 2019 after the couple was seen having lunch with the 32-year-old actor’s parents, Craig and Leonie Hemsworth. A source told In Touch at the time that Liam Hemsworth’s parents were already impressed with Brooks.

“Gabriella is adored by Craig and Leonie. [They] believe she is a much better match for their kid than Miley.”

Liam Hemsworth

A different source stated why the older Hemsworths adored Gabriella Brooks:

“Not only is Gabriella stunning and a successful model, but she’s also entertaining, clever, and sweet-natured.” You can see she loves Liam for all the right reasons and isn’t pursuing his fame and wealth.”

Following that, the couple was seen in public multiple times and even went on private trips. Liam Hemsworth said in May 2020 that he and his girlfriend, Gabriella Brooks, were quarantining together when the new coronavirus attacked the Earth. The Last Song actor confessed to People Magazine that he was living on Australia’s Philip Island when the virus struck:

“I grew up in a pretty peaceful neighborhood. It’s peaceful and picturesque. My residence has a view of the ocean.”

When they weren’t in the water, the actor and Brooks loved to play board games, and the pastimes were nostalgic for him:

“When I was a youngster, I used to play with my grandmother. She was obsessed with Scrabble. It evoked nostalgia and brought back memories for me.”

Hemsworth made their relationship on Instagram public a few months later, in November 2020, when he uploaded a family photo with Brooks in it. The couple made their formal red carpet debut in June 2021 at a children’s mental health charity gala. According to US Weekly, Liam Hemsworth was ready to marry following his divorce from Miley Cyrus.

They observed:

“Liam looks up to his brothers and aspires to have a long-lasting marriage with a spouse one day. He’s ready to marry — he just wants to be sure of his bond with Gabriella before getting down on one knee!”

Liam Hemsworth

The same year, Gabriella Brooks reported that the couple had returned to Los Angeles from Australia when the coronavirus quarantine was lifted, while also giving Stellar Magazine a sneak peek inside their relationship.

“My personal connection is very valuable and holy to me. And, in an industry when so much is on display, there are certain things you simply want to keep to yourself. [The attraction] is perfectly understandable to me. But, in the end, I think I simply prefer having it for myself… But he’s fantastic. [The Hemsworths] are fantastic. They are the most lovely people, and I consider myself fortunate to have met them.”

As of yet, neither party has verified the insider’s assertions to In Touch.

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