Levi Caverley Died Due To Sand Collapse Near New Jersey Shore

A rescue team seeks to save adolescents from a sandpit collapse. A family is grieving the loss of their 18-year-old son Levi Caverley, who was killed in a sandstorm on the Jersey Shore. On Tuesday, the adolescent was at Ocean Beach in Tom’s River with his 17-year-old sister. The girl barely sustained minor injuries. The family was on vacation when the two teens decided to dig a 10-foot hold using frisbees, which finally collapsed. The incident happened at 4 p.m., according to ABS news channel WPVI.

On Facebook, the Toms River Police Department issued the following statement:

“According to reports, the teenagers were excavating a big hold when it collapsed and trapping both of them.”

Caverley was entirely immersed, while his sister was buried all the way to the chest.

Levi Caverley

A rescue team seeks to save adolescents from a sandpit collapse.

Toms River rescue personnel and authorities from nearby towns fought for hours to save the teens. Ladders, bulldozers, buckets of water, and other heavy gear were deployed. The young lady was rescued and treated on the spot. Caverley, however, was too late to be rescued. Around 7 p.m., his corpse emerged from the collapse. Angela Caverley, the children’s mother, told NJ.com that her daughter was physically “fine.” When asked whether they regretted going to New Jersey, she replied:

“This was our first experience. We came to attempt a family vacation. That’s all there is to it. It is unchangeable.”

Levi Caverley

Toms River Mayor Maurice “Mo” B. Hill said that the family was vacationing during the “off-season.” He also said that if they visited during the holiday season, a lifeguard would have been there to prevent people from digging large trenches on the beach.

How does sand hole collapse occur?

When non-experts excavate holes, collapses may occur. Even if the crater is just a few feet deep, it has the potential to collapse. In other circumstances, such as the one described above, individuals fall into existing holes, causing them to collapse around them. The majority of the collapses occur on beaches. They may also occur in areas surrounded by bodies of water, such as lakes. According to sources, it may even happen in backyards. According to Tom Gill, a representative for the United States Lifesaving Association:

“It occurs when people are excavating in a very unstable environment.” Sand isn’t supposed to remain in one place for long, and it won’t hold.”

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