Lee Seung-gi Issues An Official Statement In Reaction To Rumors About His Split

Lee Seung-gi, the actor who plays Mouse, has spoken out about the rumors and speculation surrounding his connection with actress Lee Da-in. Lee Seung-gi was confirmed to be dating actress Lee Da-in in May of last year, and rumors of their split have lately begun to surface on social media.

Lee Seung Gi directly disputed the story on June 5 and addressed the issue in a thorough statement on his official website. Lee Seung-gi said that he would continue to keep a respectful distance from topics surrounding his personal life, as he has done in the past. He also begged that followers understand his personal life.


In reaction to rumors about his split, Lee Seung-gi issues a formal statement.

Lee Seung-gi started by explaining that the previous year was tough for both the actor and his fans, as misunderstandings created by a lack of communication harmed both sides greatly.

“I believe our (Lee Seung Gi and the fans) previous year was one of pain and lack of communication, therefore after much thought, I am now opening out.”

He also explained why he has kept a dignified quiet despite his well-wishers pleading with him to clarify his viewpoint, and why he has decided to finally confront rumors about his personal life.

Lee Seung-gi


 “The first reason I didn’t say much in the middle of all the excitement was that I was afraid that my emotions would not be effectively expressed.” I reasoned that doing so would simply lead to further misunderstandings and scars.”

“Second, I was afraid that what we discussed would be leaked to other sites or twisted into new rumors, which would damage more people and be exploited as gossip.” So, despite some of you asking me to explain my viewpoint, I hope you understand why I’ve remained mute.”

He eventually admitted that his viewpoint has not changed since his personal life became a matter of conversation last year and that he would continue to remain silent in order not to damage his loved ones. He apologized for offending his supporters and begged them to respect his personal concerns.

“My position or affairs have not changed since last year’s dating news.” I didn’t elaborate on that point since I didn’t think it was necessary. I apologize for whatever distress this has caused you, and I wish to console you all. Please accept my apologies for my imperfections, and I appreciate your understanding.”

Lee Seung-gi is said to be dating actress Lee Da-in.

A dispatch published a series of photos of the pair on a late-fall vacation in Gangwon Province in May of last year. Their shared love of the performing arts and gold reportedly drew them together, and they started dating around the end of 2020.

It was also claimed that Lee Seung-gi spends all of his spare time with the Alice actress and has been informing his close friends about his relationship with the actress. When approached for comment, Lee Da-agency in’s verified the news and encouraged followers to wish the pair well.

Lee Da-in

“We verified with actress Lee Da In herself, and she claimed that they met as senior and junior [of the same profession] and have been carefully getting to know one other for the last five or six months.” Please give them your undivided attention and support so that their connection will thrive.”

Around August 2021, rumors about their split started to spread. Both organizations made cryptic comments implying that they would be unable to corroborate the news.

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