Lee Jun ho And Girl’s Generation YoonA Is Set To Be The Host Of 2022 MBC Music Festival

2 PM’s The 2022 MBC Music Festival will be hosted by Lee Jun-ho and YoonA from Girl’s Generation. MBC confirmed on November 28 that Lee Jun-ho and YoonA have been chosen as MCs for the 2022 MBC Music Festival. On December 31, the Music Festival will take place. Both idols will be joined by Jang Sung-kyu, according to reports. YoonA has hosted the MBC Music Festival for eight years in a row, while Jang Sung-kyu will be presenting the event for the fourth time. Lee Jun-ho wowed everyone as the 2021 MBC Music Festival presenter.

Lee Jun-ho and YoonA performed at the MBC Music Festival in 2021.

Last year, the two stars stunned audiences with surprising and extraordinary performances on Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’ Senorita. The two captivated the audience with their delicate and gorgeous dancing moves. The crowd was fascinated by the facial reactions and inescapable sights. When MBC posted its dance performance on its YouTube account, it received over 2 million views, and fans went crazy watching it. Both stars are said to be cast as protagonists in the forthcoming comedic romantic drama King the Land. The narrative centers on Goo Won, a rich chaebol heir, and a cheery Cheon Sa-rang.

Lee Jun ho

Go Won will be played by the actor and singer, while Cheon Sa-ra will be played by YoonA. When two people with opposing personalities get together, they hope to find happiness in each other. Furthermore, King the Land refers to the VVIP business lounge, which is a hotelier’s dream come true. Many successful dramas have included the singer and actor, including Good Manager, Just Between Lovers, Wok of Love, Confession, and The Red Sleeve. The audience adored his portrayal in the historical play The Red Sleeve. YoonA earned popularity after appearing in the smash drama Big Mouth. She appeared in a number of dramas, including Cinderella Man, Love Rain, Summer Love, The K2, The King in Love, Hush, and many more.

Fans expect Lee Jun-ho and YoonA to deliver another memorable performance.

Lee Jun ho

As soon as Lee Jun-ho and YoonA were announced as the hosts of the 2022 MBC Music Festival, fans began requesting another special performance. They are also anticipating the release of their drama, King the Land. Fans continue to demonstrate their love for heroes. The two superstars’ hot relationship is causing quite a stir among fans. On December 31, Lee Jun-ho and YoonA will appear as presenters at the 2022 MBC Film Festival. King the Land, their latest drama, is set to launch in the first half of 2023.

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