Lee Je-hoon Is Set To Be Cast In The Forthcoming MBC Drama “Chief Inspector 1963”

MBC announced on Monday, April 24, 2023, that Lee Je-hoon has been cast as the lead in the forthcoming drama The Chief Inspector 1963. The legal drama focuses on Park Young-han and his life in the 1960s, when he was on his way to become the chief inspector.

The planned drama will depict the main character’s hardships and hurdles during his journey. Fans of K-dramas are delighted to see Lee Je-hoon return as an inspector after a long absence since he was last seen as a police officer in the blockbuster Netflix series Signal.

Lee Je-hoon will play the part of Inspector Park Young-han In The Chief Inspector 1963

The new criminal and legal drama is a remake of the legendary South Korean series Chief Inspector, which aired for over a decade on South Korean television screens. From 1971 through 1989, the iconic daily soap Chief Inspector was shown on television. The original series achieved the greatest total audience ratings of 70%, according to Nielsen Korea. There were almost 880 episodes in the original series.

Lee Je-hoon

Lee Je-hoon, who played Taxi Driver, will play Chief Inspector Park Young-han. According to MBC, Park youthful-han believes he can defeat evil and is portrayed as innocent and youthful. In the play, he must meet and conquer a number of hurdles on his way to becoming an inspector. He wants to be an inspector who can assist people and give justice.

When he became Chief Inspector, he discovered that he wanted the world to be filled with vicious individuals and that falsehoods persisted and often obscured realities. The new drama will feature Lee Je-hoon’s character Park Young-ha doing all he can to overcome his difficulties. Kim Sung-hoon, known for his dramas such as My Little Hero, Rampant, and Confidential Assignment 1, will direct The Chief Inspector in 1963. Fans are looking forward to Je-hoon’s return as Chief Inspector and anticipate a great comeback where they will be able to observe the action, suspense, and legal.

More information about Lee Je-hoon

Lee Je-hoon is a well-known and well-known actor in the South Korean entertainment business. He is well-known for his roles in dramas such as Taxi Driver Seasons 1 and 2, Signal, Where Stars Land, Tomorrow With You, and others.

Lee Je-hoon

After 12 years with Saran Entertainment, the actor joined the Company On agency, which he founded. He also assisted with the directing of the frameless film. Meanwhile, his recent vengeance and thriller drama Taxi Driver has been renewed for a third season, and he’s excited about the opportunity.

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