LE SSERAFIM Releases A Thrilling Trailer Announcing Their October Return With ‘ANTIFRAGILE’

LE SSERAFIM released a teaser on YouTube on September 19, 2022, at midnight (KST), announcing their comeback on October 17 at 6 p.m. KST, as well as other album information. ANTIFRAGILE will be their sophomore release. The rookie female trio will make their first-ever return in October with the release of their second mini-album, ANTIFRAGILE. The Sour Grapes crooners teased their upcoming return with an enticing teaser.

With its return, the quintet is poised to deliver yet another chart-topping record. Meanwhile, the teaser, which features a black-and-white photograph, concludes with the words,

“Do you think I’m weak?”

The trailer for LE SSERAFIM’s ANTIFRAGILE return album suggests a powerful rock instrumental vibe.

LE SSERAFIM, who have a hard rock instrumental style, have announced their first reappearance since debuting with the EP Fearless. After seeing the teaser, fans anticipate that their next album ANTIFRAGILE would have a somewhat different idea. Some fans think the ladies’ future album will have a grunge feel to it. Their excitement heightened once Source Music issued a statement about the reunion. The agency said that ANTIFRAGILE would highlight the girls’ inner experiences as well as their stronger and more courageous attitudes as they encounter adversity. The agency also requested FEARNOT’s fanbase to love and support the band.


Aside from the idea, Source Music revealed information on the record’s physical characteristics. According to Twitter, ANTIFRAGILE will be available in two sizes: compact and regular. The ordinary edition will feature a poster and sticker and will be available in three distinct variations; the compact edition will have five different versions. Details were not disclosed at the time of writing.

Preorders for the album may also be made via HYBE’s Weverse store and other major music retailers. The agency has yet to provide details, teasers, album schedules, and tracklists through the group’s Weverse network. Following the departure of the previous member Kim Ga-ram, the group’s debut effort as a quintet – Chaewon, Sakura, Eunchae, Yunjin, and Kazuha – will be the next album. The ensemble has never failed to surprise audiences with their dynamic stage presence and excellent voices. As a result, fans are eagerly anticipating the new collection of songs.



The World Is My Oyster – In a new documentary, LE SSERAFIM is honored for its efforts.

LE SSERAFIM released a documentary video, The World Is My Oyster, days before announcing their first return. It depicted the steps before the group actually appeared. The four-part series follows the ladies through their important training process, debut preparation, and personal thoughts as they prepare to make their debut under Source Music, a subsidiary of HYBE Labels.

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