Lars Ulrich Stated That Metallica Will Soon Collaborate With Stranger Things

Lars Ulrich, the drummer for Metallica, recently appeared on The Howard Stern Program, where he discussed his band’s partnership with the popular Netflix show Stranger Things. Lars Ulrich described his band as the “no men,” adding that they would not let their music be utilized in films or television programs. He went on to claim, however, that the band members altered their views and wondered:

“Why are we holding on to these songs as if they’re so essential, like the royal jewels or something?”

Among other things, the drummer discussed a sequence from Stranger Things that used Metallica’s popular song, Master of Puppets.

“We began saying yes to everything,” Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich says of the band’s decision to share their music with the world.

During an interview with Howard Stern, Lars Ulrich said that the band was always hesitant to allow filmmakers to utilize Metallica music in their films and plays. However, Ulrich said that the band decided to shift their attitude on the matter a few years ago. He stated:

“Let us share our music with the rest of the world.” So, a few years ago, we began saying yes to everything.”

Lars Ulrich

During the interview, Lars Ulrich also mentioned that the Stranger Things creators intended to include a moment containing the band’s renowned song, Master of Puppets, which the band approved. He went on:

“Then it came out during the summer, and it was mindboggling to watch how it became a sensation.” And we were very pleased, because who would have guessed that these songs could still have such an effect 40 years later? So we were thrilled to be a part of it.”

The legendary drummer told Howard Stern that actor Joseph Quinn, who played Eddie Munson in the series, was “a delight to share that musical moment with,” alluding to a sequence in the show in which Quinn’s character performs the song. In the interview, Lars Ulrich also said that the band would want to encourage “other creative entities” including independent artists.

More information on the Stranger Things narrative and cast

Stranger Things is a horror series about a group of youngsters who encounter a series of weird and odd supernatural happenings in the spooky town of Hawkins. According to Netflix’s YouTube page, a quick summary of the program reads:

“99 times out of a hundred, the missing child is with a parent or relative.” What about the other occasion? Stranger Things is a love letter to the eerie masterpieces of the 1980s, telling the tale of a little kid who disappears into thin air.”

Lars Ulrich

The description continues:

“As friends, family, and local cops seek answers, they become entangled in an extraordinary mystery involving top-secret government experiments, terrifying supernatural forces, and one very strange little girl.”

The series is noted for its distinctive environment, which transports viewers back to the 1980s via pop culture allusions to some of the era’s biggest songs, performers, and filmmakers. Among them are Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and Metallica, to name a few. According to reports, the program has been renewed for a fifth season, which will be its last edition. Stranger Things’ four seasons are available on Netflix.

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