Lance Bass Is Living A Blissful Married Life With Michael Turchin

Lance Bass, a former NSYNC member, came out as homosexual in July 2006, after the boy band disbanded. Bass has not shied away from being honest about his sexuality since then. He married Michael Turchin and started a family. The pair met at a birthday celebration for a mutual acquaintance. Following that, Bass’s future husband added him on Facebook, and the two became friends. Even though Turchin made the initial approach, Bass was a famous pop sensation who terrified him.

“I am quite bashful and would never have made the first move.” ‘This is Lance Bass,’ I thought. I grew up listening to his songs and seeing him on TV.’ “That simply provided another dimension of fear,” Turchin said.

The two became great friends, oblivious to their mutual affection. As a result, they maintained a platonic relationship and spent a lot of time together. But then Bass moved in for the first kiss, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Wedding of Lance Bass and Michael Turchin

Bass and his partner married on December 20, 2014, becoming the first homosexual couple to have their wedding aired on E! News in 2015. The wedding had to be one-of-a-kind for Bass. He said that they had incorporated a lot of unique touches for the event. The wedding took place at Los Angeles’ iconic Park Plaza Hotel, which provided everything they wanted for their ideal wedding.

Lance Bass

“You seem to be in an ancient castle.” The ballroom is completely wood-paneled and has a wood-carved ceiling. “We wanted it to have a regal feel, and everything about it is over the top and exquisite,” Turchin said.

Bass and his spouse had planned to invite 750 guests, but they were forced to reduce the number to 300, which was a nightmare for the couple. But they did it, and NSYNC members JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick were among those who made the cut. Justin Timberlake, the missing member, was unable to attend the ceremony since he was on tour.

Bass’s buddy Lisa Vanderpump, Cheryl Burke, Christina Applegate, and the grooms’ parents and relatives were among the other attendees. Bass was moved by the presence of his parents, who were from the deep South since it spoke volumes about acceptance and transformation.

Lance Bass on Keeping Traditions and Creating New Ones

Despite their desire for a one-of-a-kind wedding, the couple honored Bass’s southern Baptist background and Turchin’s Jewish history. The grooms want traditional traditions handed down from their parents for their wedding ceremonies. They followed Jewish customs by being married beneath a huppah and walking on a glass at the conclusion of the ceremony. They also established new customs, such as having one of their close friends officiate the ceremony.

Lance Bass

“You could simply go to a preacher, pastor, or rabbi, but that bothers me since you don’t truly know them.” You’ve entrusted the most crucial day of your life to a stranger. “We liked the concept of utilizing someone we knew,” Bass added.

Seven years later, the couple had twins through surrogacy, and they have been living happily as a family of four ever since.

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