Lance Armstrong Got Married To His Long-Time Girlfriend Anna Hansen

Lance Armstrong, a former American professional cyclist, has married his longtime companion Anna Hansen. On August 9, the 50-year-old athlete turned to Instagram to post a sequence of photos from his D-Day with Hansen and his children. The actor called it the “Best. Day. Ever,” and thanked his long-term spouse and their children.

Armstrong conveyed his feelings about getting married in a long caption:

“It was a night filled with laughter and happy tears. Anna, you’ve been my rock for the last 14 years, and let me be clear: I couldn’t have done it without you. I am so pleased with the relationship we have become – it took us putting in the effort, and I am so happy we did. I adore you and will always be there for you and our family.”

Lance Armstrong claimed that their ceremony was performed by his buddy “Reverend” Chadbourne Mountain, and Elizabeth Kreutz took the photos. Hansen is dressed in a sleeveless embroidered white gown in the photos. Her appearance was finished with little makeup and blue earrings. Lance Armstrong, on the other hand, was dressed in a black suit with a blue tie and gray shoes. The lovely event took held at Château La Coste, France, a sprawling park with sculptures, paintings, and an organic vineyard.

Lance Armstrong


Everything you need to know about Anna Hansen and her age gap with Lance Armstrong.

Anna Hansen is 41 years old and has a nine-year age difference from Armstrong, who was born in 1971 and is today 50 years old. Mrs. Hansen Armstrong, who recently married, is a yoga teacher by trade and a Colorado native. Move with Anna, a YouTube channel she started during the coronavirus outbreak, features instructional yoga videos. Hansen mentioned on her website that she created virtual videos for folks who couldn’t physically attend lessons.

Lance Armstrong and Anna began dating in 2008 and were engaged in May 2017 in Lake Austin, Texas, after almost ten years together. The pair also encountered difficulties when the former cyclist acknowledged to using performance-enhancing drugs. A US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) inquiry in 2012 revealed that the athlete had used pharmaceuticals throughout his professional career. Following his confession, Armstrong was stripped of all of his trophies and accolades, and he was banned from the sport for life. Lance and Anna have two children together: Max, 13, and Olivia Marie, 11.

Lance Armstrong

Armstrong is also the father of Luke, 22, and Isabelle and Grace, 20, from his first marriage to Kristin Richard, which lasted from 1998 to 2003. Lance had multiple love relationships before Hansen. He had relationships with Ashley Olsen and Kate Hudson, and he was engaged to Sheryl Crow from 2005 to 2006.

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