Lailaa Nicole Williams- All About The Daughter Of Candace Parker

Lailaa Nicole Williams is the daughter of Candace Parker, a professional basketball player with the Women’s Basketball Association’s Chicago Sky. Her father is Shelden Williams, a former basketball player from the United States.

Quick Facts

Full Name Lailaa Nicole Williams
First Name Lailaa
Middle Name Nicole
Last Name Williams
Profession Celebrity Child
Nationality American
Birth Country United States of America
Father Name Shelden Williams
Father Profession Former professional basketball player
Mother Name Candace Parker
Mother Profession Professional basketball player
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Taurus
Date of Birth May 13, 2009
Age 13 years

Her parents met in college and married.

Candace Parker and Shelden Williams, her parents, were college sweethearts. They started dating when Parker was at the University of Tennessee and Williams was in his last year at Duke. Parker recounted in an interview in 2012 stating there was an instant connection, and despite the fact that they were separated by hundreds of miles, they pledged never to let it hinder their relationship.

They were so in love that they chose to be together despite knowing it would never be simple. It’s an easy choice when you find the one, she says. On November 13, 2008, the pair exchanged wedding vows. Unfortunately, Parker filed for divorce in November 2016, alleging irreconcilable differences. They had been separated for three months prior to their divorce and had been living separately.

Lailaa Nicole Williams

Lailaa Bio

On the 13th of May, 2009, Lailaa was born. She was born healthily, weighing 7.6oz and measuring 20 inches long. Parker described Lailaa as a wonderful surprise for her and her husband. She pledged from the start of her profession that she would have a successful family as well as a successful job. She opted to combine her personal and professional lives rather than leave her employment, as most women do as a consequence of family obligations.

They fell in love the minute they took Lailaa in their hands and gazed at her adorable tiny face. Lailaa was a product of our love, and for a little while, they were dazzled by God’s small gift, she recounted. Lailaa’s parents, on the other hand, are no longer together, but they keep Lailaa as a memento of their love. They share Lailaa’s custody and neither pays child support to the other.

Her mother confessed her marriage, and she is the cause of it.

Parker startled the world in December 2021 when she revealed on Instagram that she had been married to Anna Petrakova, a Russian-born professional basketball player, for two years and that they were expecting a kid. Parker told Moment that with their baby on the way, they thought it was the ideal time to come out, and she also wanted to send a strong message to Lailaa.

She said that she constantly teaches her daughter to be herself, to be proud of who she is, and to always stand out for herself and the people she cares about. And she never wants Lailaa to believe she is humiliated or unworthy of theirs. Parker originally met Petrakova in Russia, but their bond got deeper when Petrakova joined UMMC Ekaterinburg in 2012. They used to spend most of their time together, sometimes even staying up late to discuss. On one of those nights, they kissed for the first time.

They were both hesitant to look each other in the eyes at first, but then they were like, well, well, what are we? They were deceiving themselves, she claimed. Parker said it was a lengthy and difficult procedure since they denied themselves for three years before being admitted. Parker proposed to Petrakova on one knee on a birthday trip to Mexico. She continued,

“Petrakova understands that Lailaa is the center of my world. So we came as a package deal, and it was critical that the dynamic pair be increased to three.”

Lailaa Nicole Williams

She has an older half-brother.

Lailaa is the elder sister of her younger half-brother, who was born in February 2022. Airr Larry Petrakova Parker is his name. Parker claims that she has taken a back seat with Lailaa. If she wants to play basketball, she wants her to follow her love, but she thinks her son Airr has no option but to take up basketball.

Net Worth

She is yet to begin her career. Her parents’ net worth, Candice Parker and Shelden William, is now known. Her parents are worth a total of $5 million.

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