Kyle Abrams And Tania Leanos Have Officially Announced Their Relationship

Kyle Abrams, the star of Love is Blind Season 2, seems to have found love again. Kyle posted a video on Instagram on Friday, November 18 after parting up with Deepti Vempati in which he and his new girlfriend Tania Leanos can be seen enjoying one other’s company.

Tania Leanos also posted a video with several photographs of the pair on various occasions. Tania is the creator of DFC (DeLeanos Financial Corp), according to her LinkedIn, and has been a vice president for the firm for 11 years. She was recently spotted performing with Kenia Leanos at the Sunset KeniaLea.Co Fashion Show and she often works with Kenia’s clothing company on Instagram.

Tania Leanos, Kyle Abrams’ girlfriend, works as a financial consultant.

Leanos has a background in business, psychology, criminal law, and journalism. Trinton College awarded her an associate’s degree in political science and government. Tania graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago in 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and prisons. She has also spent the last five years working as an adviser at DFC, where she has provided consumers with life insurance, retirement insurance, and a variety of other annuities. Tania’s dog is a white Shih Tzu called Ketchup.

Tania Leanos

Kyle Abrams announced his divorce from Deepti in September 2022, revealing that he had “entered into a new relationship,” but did not divulge the identity of the mystery lady. Deepti had previously said to Love is Blind supporters that it was difficult for her to watch Kyle go on since she cared for him. Deepti further stated:

“But, you know, I’ve met (Kyle’s girlfriend) before, and she’s extremely kind, and I just want the best for him.”

Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati’s relationship

Kyle Abrams met Shaina Hurley in the pods, and despite coming from different religious backgrounds, they attempted to make it work. Shaina, on the other hand, left Kyle in episode 6 to pursue a romance with Shayne. Deepti married Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee in season 2 of Love is Blind. During Deepti’s participation in the experiment, Shake slandered her and even said that he did not find her physically appealing. Deepti boldly rejected Shake during the vows, saying:

“I’m going to choose myself and say no.”

Deepti’s brother defended her and chastised Shake for making comments about her physique and fears. Kyle said at the reunion that he made a mistake and should have asked Deepti to marry him. Following that, the couple began dating and were seen together in Wicker Park, Chicago, in March 2022. Kyle and Deepti appeared on Love Is Blind: Deepti remarked after the Altar:

“Honestly, I simply want to be with him all the time.”

Kyle Abrams

Deepti expressed her desire for Kyle Abrams to be her spouse and said that she could imagine herself spending the rest of her life with him. However, when the show’s conclusion aired, the pair announced that they were no longer together. Deepti told Entertainment Tonight that they chose to split up because they were on “different roads” and wanted “different things out of life.” Deepti said in another interview that the pair had communication issues and that the pressures of the “outside world” had harmed their relationship, driving them to divorce. There is currently no Love is Blind Season 2 pair together.

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