Ktla Lynette Romero Began Losing Weight in 4th Grade! Her Fitness Routine

Lynette Romero, a KTLA news reporter, has been open about her weight loss struggle on her broadcasts and on social media. Despite her early reluctance, she is now available about her weight loss and the strategies she uses to achieve her goal. She’s even admitted to struggling with her weight since fourth grade.

Lynette Romero’s Amazing Weight Loss

Since the 4th grade, Channel 5’s morning news anchor has attempted to stay in shape. For the first time on KTLA’s Weekend Morning News on January 12, 2020. On Instagram, she later explained her situation. She also revealed why she had never previously discussed her weight. She said she had struggled with her weight since she was a child. She couldn’t focus on her fitness as she got older and had more responsibilities. She was so busy with work and home that she didn’t see her primary doctor for three years, despite seeing him for 20. When he saw her mid-2019, he said she appeared agitated, tired, and unfit.

After hearing from her trusted doctor, she stuck to her workout regimen. She started intermittent fasting in June 2019 and followed her doctor’s diet regimen. Her perseverance paid off; she lost over 50 pounds by late 2019. Even though she has lost a lot of weight, she continues to follow the diet regimens to stay fit.

Lynette Romero’s Diet Plan

Romero discusses her struggles with weight loss and the effort she had to put in to conquer them. The Los Angeles native loves to post about her miraculous weight loss progress. For example, on December 13, 2019, the TV celebrity shared a picture of herself wearing a stunning dress after reaching her goal weight. In the caption, she shared advice from fellow writer and fitness enthusiast Liberté Chan on posing for the camera. She also stated in a video on October 23, 2020, that she shed over 2 inches from her neck with the help of diet plans. Her intermittent fasting has improved her life, she claimed.

Aside from sharing her story, the University of Colorado grad advises people to lose weight properly to stay fit and healthy. She frequently advises her coworkers and friends to be healthy on Instagram. Not only that, She even interviews her fans and friends that do IF and Keto. The KTLA presenter believes their fasting advice, knowledge, and experience will help others get stronger and healthier.

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