Kit Connor Was Rumored To Be Dating Joe Locke

Kit Connor and Joe Locke have become household celebrities when their Netflix show Heartstopper premiered on April 22, 2022. The plot revolves around two youngsters, Nick Nelson (Connor) and Charlie Spring (Locke). It is largely about Nelson gradually falling in love with his buddy Spring.

However, he is unsure of his sexual orientation, so he navigates it while he transforms his friendship with Spring into a partnership. The sitcom received great accolades for its portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community. Likewise, Connor and Locke were praised for their portrayals of Nelson, Spring, and their relationship. As a consequence, the couple has been trending online and has become a subject of conversation. Many others questioned whether they were dating in real life since their on-screen relationship seemed so genuine.

Is Kit Connor and Joe Locke Really Dating?

Many people want Connor and Locke to really date. Some of them have gone to Twitter to express their thoughts on the stars’ love lives and sexual orientation. Unfortunately, Connor and Locke are neither datings nor in a relationship in real life. Their love tale is only shown on film in Heartstopper. The duo discussed their romance in an interview with Them on April 22, 2022. They described themselves as “very good buddies” who enjoyed sharing screens.

Kit Connor

Connor said that he and Locke had an “immediate connection” from the moment they met. Unlike the characters they played on Heartstopper, there was no discomfort between the two. “One of the finest judgments about how we shot Heartstopper was that it was pretty chronological,” he remarked. This meant that when the performers first met, their characters acted similarly. And as they got to know one other more, their personalities matched. Connor said that this was not just for Nelson and Spring, but for the whole ensemble.

Locke elaborated on their bond, saying he and his co-star were at ease with one other. They’d reached the stage in their relationship when they were cruel to one other. Connor went on to say that his and Locke’s banter was quite different from Nelson and Spring’s. They conversed in a “very much taking the mick out of one other” manner. Nelson and Spring were not that way with each other. Instead, their banter was “really charming, flirtatious, adorable, and lovely.” As a result, while playing their roles, Connor and Locke had to modify their connection.

Kit Connor and Joe Locke’s Relationship

Connor and Locke are both highly discreet about their romantic relationships. They have not said whether or if they have a girlfriend or are dating anybody. Various theories concerning Connor’s gender orientation and sexuality circulated. Many people assumed he was homosexual or bisexual, similar to his role in Heartstopper. Connor, on the other hand, put a stop to the speculations by tweeting that people on the internet knew more about his sexuality than he did.

Kit Connor

Regardless, he has not shared anything about his personal life, such as his partner, sexual orientation, or dating history. Locke hasn’t said anything about his dating life, either. Sebastian Croft, another Heartstopper star, has been connected to him. According to CelebwikiCorner, viewers observed how close Locke and Croft were. They had the most images of each other online, and some of them were personal. Many people assumed that the two were together as a result of this. Despite all of the speculations, Locke and Croft have not verified the rumors.

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