KINGDOM Makes A Spectacular Return With The Release Of The Ascension Music Video

KINGDOM, a seven-member K-pop group, has released its fourth album, History of Kingdom: Part IV. Dann. On March 31, the band released a music video for the title tune (Ascension). The current album and song video follow the journey of leader Dann’s persona, whose narrative is said to be inspired by King Dangun of Korea. The seven-member Ascension ensemble loves the culture in all its majesty. The movie, which has the group and its agency, GF Entertainment, dressed in traditional attire throughout, even includes fight footage, hinting to a larger plot in the world established by the group and its agency. With their unique tale gradually capturing the attention of the globe, the septet was named first on Rolling Stone’s list of the 10 Best K-pop Debuts of 2021.

With the release of the Ascension music video, KINGDOM makes stunning reappearance.

On March 31, KINGDOM surprised its fans with a far more intense, dramatic, and exciting song video for their upcoming return album. The septet has built a name for itself by fusing ballads, pop, and hip-hop with traditional tunes. The music video for KINGDOM’s title single Ascension is another epic experience for fans. The video never loses focus and is ideally suited to the fictitious scenario in which sovereign countries compete for the crown.


From traditional Korean instrumental music to traditional clothing, every component of the song video shouts out the group’s one-of-a-kind idea. Ascension centers on King Dann’s voyage and juxtaposes combat scenes with spring images in the palace. The video also teases the next monarch on whom the group will release their record – Louis.

“It was worth the wait,” say fans of Ascension.

Ascension MV

The song video received favorable feedback from Kingmakers. They said it was worth the wait, given that the septet’s previous release was in October of last year. For fans who were used to the group releasing albums in a matter of months, four months felt excessive. The septet began in February of last year and will release three albums in 2021 alone.

The septet of GF Entertainment began with a never-before-seen idea of 7 Kings and 7 Kingdoms. Their CDs are built around a single King and his journey. Therefore each release is part of a larger picture. Meanwhile, during the 2021 Asia Artist Awards, the group received the Focus Award – Music, as well as the Next Generation Hallyu Star Award at the 2021 Newsis K-Expo.

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