“Kindred” A Sci-fi Series Is Set To Be Released On Hulu

According to CinemaBlend, Hulu’s new sci-fi series, Kindred, will premiere on the site on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at 12.01 a.m. ET. Kindred, based on Octavia E. Butler’s book of the same name, follows a young writer who goes back in time and uncovers some terrible realities about her family. Mallori Johnson stars in the new sci-fi series, with a number of others playing key supporting parts. Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, a well-known dramatist, directs the production.

Kindred’s first eight episodes will be available on Hulu on the same day.

On November 16, 2022, FX Networks released the official trailer for the film, which provides a glimpse inside the film’s nightmare universe. The teaser begins with Mallori Johnson’s character terrifyingly fleeing through a forest, setting the tone for the episode. The teaser portrays a lot of key sequences from the film quickly but does not reveal too many vital facts that may possibly ruin fans’ watching experience.

Overall, the teaser has a scary and mysterious tone that lovers of science fiction and horror will undoubtedly like. According to Hulu Press, below is the official summary of the show:

“Dana James, a young Black woman and aspiring writer who has uprooted her life of family responsibility and migrated to Los Angeles, is eager to claim a future that feels entirely her own for the first time. But, before she can relax in her new surroundings, she is brutally pushed back and forth through time. She appears on a nineteenth-century plantation, a location that is strikingly and personally connected with Dana and her family.”


The summary continues:

“In this genre-breaking study of the connections that bind, an interracial romance weaves through Dana’s history and present, and the clock is ticking as she battles to face truths she never knew flowed through her veins.”

According to the trailer and description, viewers can expect an exciting and sophisticated sci-fi series that delves into a variety of fascinating subjects such as family, the dark side of human nature, and many more. The program has eight episodes, all of which are anticipated to be released on Hulu on the same day.

A short peek at the cast of Kindred

Mallori Johnson stars as Dana James, a young writer who travels back in time and discovers some heartbreaking realities about her family. Johnson seems to be in fantastic shape in the series’ teaser, and fans should anticipate her to produce an enormously strong performance in this very difficult part. Aside from Kindred, Mallori Johnson is recognized for her portrayal in WeCrashed and will be featured as Elle in the upcoming comedy series, The Other Zoe.


Micah Stock, who portrays Dana James’ husband, Kevin Franklin, co-stars with Johnson in another significant role. Stock previously played the part of Deke Slayton in The Right Stuff. Aside from Mallori Johnson and Micah Stock, the new Hulu series stars a slew of other performers in supporting and smaller parts, including Austin Smith, David Alexander Kaplan, Gayle Rankin, and Ryan Kwanten, among many more.

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