Kenya Moore Stood Up For Drew Sidora When Ralph Pittma Was Disrespectful To Her

On Sunday night, a new episode of RHOA aired, and fans saw Kenya Moore defend Drew Sidora. The ladies and their husbands traveled to New York this week for Kandi’s play. Drew and her husband got into a dispute over supper. Kenya stood up for Drew because she couldn’t stand how she was being treated. Ralph Pittman was called out by her for being rude to the RHOA star. Kenya was hailed by many who saw the program for defending Drew.

Drew’s marriage to Ralph has been going through ups and downs since she returned last season. Things between the marriage recently went wild again when he revealed to having an affair with his employee. Ralph treated Drew to a lavish meal to make up for their continuous turmoil. While things seemed to be going well, Drew brought up the issue in their relationship just before dessert. This irritated Ralph, who abruptly stopped the meal and went away. Drew and Ralph went to couple’s counseling when RHOA resumed this week. She expressed her husband’s lack of appreciation and respect for her.

Ralph objected in response to Drew’s remark,

“I offer her things that any lady would want. What about this one? Everything seems to be an issue for her since she is insatiable! That night, I offered her steak and lobster. That night, honestly? She was deserving of a Lunchable.”

Kenya Moore

Dr. Ken then instructed the couple to participate in a 30-day cease-fire experiment during which they were not to dispute. But it didn’t last long, since Ralph began all over again a few days later on their vacation to New York. During their discussion with the other housewives, The RHOA star said that she couldn’t get over the notion that there was another lady.

Ralph responded, stating,

“I had no choice but to terminate the helper.” “I believe the issue is, how do you ultimately get over it and say, ‘This occurred in the past, and now we can go on.’”

Kandi Burruss didn’t give Ralph the ultimate word so easily. She questioned him whether being so close to his helper didn’t seem insane to him. But it didn’t deter Ralph, who was ready to respond. Kenya resolved to step up and confront Ralph since his conduct was unacceptable. Kenya confronted Ralph, revealing that he was tearing Drew down while she was in pain. She went on to claim that she would have been angry if she had been in the same scenario and someone had said this to her face.

Kenya Moore

“See, let me tell you something right now. I would turn this table over if my spouse said it to me since it is so insulting. You’re essentially claiming she’s lying and that what occurred did not happen the way she claimed.

Social media users applaud the RHOA for calling out Ralph and sticking up for Drew.

Fans applaud Kenya for standing up for Drew on RHOA.

On Twitter, supporters praised Kenya for standing up to Ralph, calling it “queen behavior.”

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