Kelly Slater And Kalani Miller Love Journey Held Strong Till Now

Slater is widely regarded as the best competitive surfer of all time, having won 11 World Titles, 55 career wins and being the youngest and oldest World Champion in men’s history. He burst onto the professional surfing scene in the 1990s, catching many people’s attention as he cut through the enormous waves with purposeful fin releases and a combination of aerial tricks. By the age of 20, he had won his first World Title, paving the door for a new era of world-class surfing.

In 30 years, he established a legacy that many consider difficult to reproduce or even come close to. But, apart from his legacy, he is equally recognized for aiming to transform the surfing scene for newbies in 2015 using wave pool technology developed by him and his team of engineers at Kelly Slater Wave Co. Slater has had his fair share of gorgeous ladies throughout the years as a successful guy. Taylor Slater, his daughter, was born as a consequence of one of his partnerships. Kalani Miller, the surfer’s long-term lover, is presently dating him.

Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller

It’s no secret that Slater is passionately dedicated to his girlfriend, Miller, who shows often on his Instagram. Although it is unknown when the couple began dating, on September 24, 2019, Miller posted a monochromatic picture of herself and Slater in their childhood to commemorate their anniversary. She said in the caption that it had been twelve years and two days SINCE they had been together. She then referred to him as a man kid and said that she would lavish him with accolades in person.

Kelly Slater
Slater had greeted his partner a Happy Valentine’s Day the same year, in February. In the description, he said that the two had been on so many travels and experiences over the years that he required assistance organizing and accessing his photos. During the launch of Slater’s apparel line Outerknown in 2016, The Daily Telegraph claimed that Slater’s girlfriend was seen wearing a diamond on her left “ring” finger. This occurred only days after a tabloid revealed that the couple was looking for engagement rings. Friends of the relationship told the magazine that Slater was “madly in love with her” and intended to marry Miller. So far, there has been no word about their wedding, and it is unknown whether Miller is Slater’s wife, although she has been seen wearing a band on her ring finger in recent Instagram images.

All About Slater’s Girlfriend

Kelly Slater

Miller, like Slater, is a surfer. Miller also posed for the swimsuit company Roxy as a youngster, which prompted her to launch her own line. MIKOH Swimwear was founded by her sister, Oleema (who is also dating a pro surfer). The sisters have developed the firm immensely as experienced businesswomen. Their items are currently sold all over the globe. Slater struck gold when he met the astute and lovely Miller.

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