Kelly Paniagua- Intresting Facts About Julian McMahon’s Wife

Kelly Paniagua is the wife of Julian McMahon, an Australian actor. Detective John Grant in Profiler, Cole Turner in Charmed, Christian Troy in Nip/Tuck, Doctor Doom in the Fantastic Four franchise, Jonah in Runaways, and Jess LaCroix in FBI: Most Wanted are all roles played by Paniagua’s husband.

Kelly Paniagua, a stunningly tanned model, surprised everyone when she appeared publicly with McMahon in 2014. Few were aware that she was his legitimate better half. So, how did she come across Julian? When did they get married? Is it true that they are still together? Also, who was she before she married McMahon?

Discover all of this, as well as some previously unknown facts about Kelly Paniagua’s personal life, in the content below.

Kelly Paniagua
Kelly Paniagua With Her Husband (Source: Pinterest)

Kelly Paniagua Is A Writer And An App Developer

While little is known about Kelly, she does have a notable, albeit less popular, media fame. The former model wrote and published a children’s book titled Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan in July 2012.

Sarah Sullivan travels through the wonders of her imagination as she learns what it’s like to create her own dreams in the 36-page award-winning bedtime feature. The protagonist eventually lands on the moon and discovers that anything is possible if you believe.

Paniagua later created an app based on the same book’s title. The book was inspired by her husband’s relationship with his daughter from a previous marriage, Madison.

Kelly appears to have distanced herself from the media in recent years. Despite her occasional red carpet appearances with her celebrity husband, her own endeavors remain a mystery.

Kelly Paniagua’s Step Daughter Assisted Her In Getting Married To Julian

In Lake Tahoe, Paniagua married her actor husband, McMahon. The wedding location was on the border of California and Nevada. In June 2014, the couple married in a small ceremony attended by a fortunate group of friends. The wedding took place during a family vacation in Melbourne.

Professor Ross Steele, a friend of Lady McMahon (Julain’s mother), was among those present. The bride’s sisters-in-law, Deborah and Melinda, were not present, according to the guest list.

According to New Idea, Paniagua’s husband requested the assistance of his daughter, Madison Elizabeth, when proposing. According to the news outlet, the couple was on a plane to Paris, along with McMahon’s daughter from a previous relationship. The actor, who was born in New South Wales, had welcomed her during his marriage to his second wife, Brooke Burns.

Later, The Fantastic Four star revealed that he had asked the question while the plane was still in the air. He explained what he had planned to do once they arrived in France’s capital. However, after discussing the situation with his then-14-year-old daughter, McMahon changed his mind and proposed to Kelly on the plane.

Kelly Paniagua’s Father-In-Law Was A Prime Minister

Sir William McMahon, Ms. McMahon’s father-in-law, and Julian McMahon’s father was an Australian politician who served as the country’s 20th Prime Minister. As the Liberal Party’s leader from 1971 to 1972, he was in office for two years. Sir William was also a World War II veteran, rising to the rank of major.

Kelly’s late father-in-law served as a government minister for more than 21 years, the longest period of continuous ministerial service in Australian history.

Her Husband Had Two Marriages.

Kelly was the husband of an Australian singer prior to his relationship with Julian. The son of a former Australian Prime Minister previously married two women: Dannii Minogue (1994-1995), the sister of Australian pop star Kylie Minogue.

He was also married to Brooke Burns (1999-2001), a well-known actress from the crime drama series Baywatch. Julian’s only child was born as a result of their marriage.

When Did Kelly Paniagua Meet McMahon?

Before marrying, the Hispanic model and the Australian actor were said to have been together for 11 years. Unlike her husband, Paniagua has become something of a bygone celebrity in recent years. Many people have wondered if the Nip/Tuck actor and the brunette are still married. Furthermore, Julian hasn’t shared much about his life with his third wife in recent years.

Fortunately, they are still together, as evidenced by Madison McMahon’s Instagram. She and her father, as well as her stepmother, Paniagua, last appeared together in June 2020. She appears to be very close to Kelly as well. McMohan’s adult daughter even wished her a “happy mother’s day in May 2019.”

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