Kelley Pulisic- All About The Mother Of Christian Pulisic

Kelley Pulisic is the adoring mother of Christian Pulisic, an American-born professional soccer player for Chelsea and the United States national team.

Quick Facts

Full Name Kelley Pulisic
First Name Kelley
Last Name Pulisic
Profession Celebrity Mother
Nationality American
Birth Country United States of America
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Mark Pulisic
No Of Children 2
Education George Mason University
Religion Christian

Kelley and her husband were also soccer players.

Kelley met her future husband, Mark Pulisic, when both were students at George Mason University and both played soccer. Both earned a degree in physical education from the institution. Her spouse also played professional indoor soccer with the Harrisburg Heat in the 1990s. He currently coaches both at the youth and professional levels.

Mark was doing a lot of various clubs in England when Kelley earned a Fulbright Scholarship and the chance to teach in Woodstock, England, in a teacher’s exchange program for a year from 2007-08, and he brought Christian along with him, which let Christian experience going abroad early on.

Kelley Pulisic

The family temporarily separated for the sake of Christian’s career

Mark moved to Germany to be with his then-17-year-old Christian as he played for Borussia Dortmund’s under-19 squad and only returned after Christian secured a professional deal with the club at the age of 18. Kelley and their daughter DeeDee were living in New York at the time. Mark explained in an interview that the first was tough in Germany since they both missed home, he missed his wife and kids, and Christian missed his mother and sister.

There were emotional evenings, but they remained together, supported each other, and vowed to give it their all for a whole year. They encountered additional hurdles in Germany due to cultural diversity and language. Christian had a difficult time since he had been enrolled in a German school and had to take German lessons after school before training, so he was totally busy. Mark also took two and a half years to thoroughly master German.

Kelley was unable to see Christian’s Bundesliga debut in a 2-0 win against Ingolstadt, coming on as a second-half replacement for Adrian Ramos. Mark remembers the first time he saw Christian on the field. He said that he was shivering due to nerves and that he felt relief only when the game was done. He views the experience as the most unforgettable of his life. Mark abandoned Christian in late 2016 to live alone in Dortmund, believing it was time for him to return.

Her son congratulated her

Christian was asked who, according to him, was a better footballer between his mum and dad in a Christmas Special quick-fire question by Amazon Prime Video Sport, to which he picked the name of his mom. “I’ll give credit to my mother on this one,” he remarked. He went on to say that both of his parents are excellent musicians of various genres.

Kelley Pulisic

Kelley has great football abilities

Kelley, a former player, was shown in a video released by Christian displaying amazing football abilities. The video was shot in the kitchen, where the mother and son were juggling the ball as Kelley demonstrated her dribbling talents. “And y’all thought I got it from my dad,” Christian said in the video.

Hank Leung, Kelley’s previous coach at George Mason, characterized her games like this. He regarded Kelley as an exceptional player for them and expressed gratitude that they had her. Having a great local player was a major benefit. She was one of his captains, and he could always rely on her to get things done both on and off the field. He stated that she was excellent in that profession.

Net Worth

Her actual net worth is still unknown, but we do know the net worth of her amazing son Christian, who is also known as Captain America because of his high level of play. Christian has a $10 million net worth.

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