Keith Sweat And Lisa Wu Had A Long Custody Lawsuit That lasted For A Year

In the early to late 1990s, Keith Sweat and Lisa Wu were married for a decade. They had a rocky marriage and divorced in 2002. They had two boys, Jordan and Justin, during their marriage. Their relationship ended with a well-documented custody fight that lasted years. Even after the legal case ended and she married another man, the battle for their children raged on.

Keith Sweat’s Marriage and Divorce from His Ex-Wife

Sweat and Wu tied the knot in 1992. Jordan, their first child, was born in 1995, and Justin, their second child, was born in 1998. Their presence in their lives will subsequently determine much of their relationship conflict. The former couple split in 2002, and things quickly became tense. Sweat and Wu engaged in a custody struggle that would last several years. The first time they went to court for their children was in 2003. Sweat was granted exclusive guardianship of their two boys by the court that year.

Keith Sweat

Sweat had been aggressive against Wu, but he had never been violent towards their children, according to the verdict. The court ruled that the kids required “stability” in their lives, and Sweat was the only one who could offer it. Wu’s engagement in business enterprises and frequent absences from her sons made her ineligible to be the sole guardian of their children. Wu also had a habit of “spending money on herself excessively rather than providing for the children,” according to court filings.

Sweat even barred his boys from participating in The Real Housewives of Atlanta, their mother’s reality program. He declined to allow them to be a part of the performance in 2008 because he did not want them to be “exploited.” “I don’t want my children exploited in that manner,” he said at the time. He said that if it was a Nickelodeon or Disney program, his choice would be different, and he refused to sign the disclaimer requesting his consent for their involvement. In 2009, the RHOA actress came up about her intention to reverse six-year-old court orders and get exclusive custody of her sons. According to media and court filings, she sued Sweat in 2013 and asked for the 2003 judgment to be reversed.

In her petitions, she argued that naming her as the main physical caretaker of the younger children was in their best interests. She also said that since she was married to her second husband, Ed Hartwell, and had a successful company, she would offer “a secure, caring, and supportive home” for Jordan and Justin.

Keith Sweat’s Post-Divorce Relationship with Lisa Wu

Sweat is very private about his relationships, as seen by his refusal to allow his children to appear on a reality program. He likes to keep things quiet, no matter how wonderful or horrible they are. He hasn’t spoken much about his romantic life since his divorce from Wu. Keith creates a lot of songs about it, but he never openly confronts it. Except when he needs to debunk rumors like he did in 2009.

Keith Sweat

That year, he was thought to be dating fellow performer Patti LaBelle. The suspicions began after they performed together at a Caribbean event. However, four years later, in an interview with Essence, he denied ever dating LaBelle. He also denied rumors that he and TLC’s Lisa Lopes were dating.

During the same discussion, he proclaimed himself single and said that he had no say in his divorce from Wu. Sweat’s love life remained a mystery until 2016 when he revealed he was seeing someone during an appearance on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. He also revealed that his new song, ‘Good Love,’ at the time, was about his new relationship. However, when questioned about his new partner, he remained silent. The only thing he revealed was that she was not a member of the industry. As of now, it’s unclear if he’s still seeing the same lady or has moved on.

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