Karen Bass A Democratic Congresswoman Got Robbed In Home Burglary

Karen Bass, a Los Angeles mayoral candidate, said that two weapons were taken from her home on Friday, September 9. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Democratic congressman, who is the front-runner in the mayoral election, returned home to learn she had been burglarized and promptly phoned the Los Angeles Police Department. Karen Bass, 68, said in a statement that the weapons were the only goods stolen from her residence. She had cash, gadgets, and other goods that were not stolen during the burglary, in addition to the firearms. She also said that the firearms were kept in a safe and secure area at the time of the occurrence.

“When I got home last night, I found that my house had been broken into and burglarized.” “The Los Angeles Police Department was summoned, and I appreciate their help.”

The statement went on to say:

“At this stage, it seems that just two weapons were taken, despite being carefully and securely secured.” Cash, gadgets, and other valuables were not confiscated.”

Bass further noted that this was not an isolated event, but rather something that occurs much too often to Los Angeles people.

“It’s unsettling, and regrettably, far too many Angelenos have experienced it.”

Democratic Los Angeles mayoral candidate Karen Bass was on President Biden’s 2020 running partner shortlist.

Karen Bass is a six-term congresswoman from California’s 37th congressional district, which includes the Venice/Fairfax neighborhood of Los Angeles. Bass has a lengthy and excellent background, according to her campaign website. Karen Bass allegedly worked as a medical assistant and clinical teacher at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine before entering politics. Bass was elected to the 47th Assembly District in California in 2004.

Karen Bass

In 2008, she was chosen as the 67th speaker of the California State Assembly, becoming the first African-American woman to serve as a speaker of a state legislative body. According to Variety, despite a substantial lead in the polls, Bass has encountered a few stumbling obstacles in her mayoral campaign.

Karen Bass and the USC Bribery Charges

Rick Caruso, the wealthy mall developer who is lagging Bass in the polls, has drawn the Congresswoman into the current federal corruption investigation at USC, where former dean Marilyn Flynn is suspected of receiving bribes in return for university scholarships. According to The Los Angeles Times, Karen Bass got a $95,000 scholarship while attending the institution, and Caruso is apparently attempting to connect the two instances. Caruso said in a news conference on Thursday, September 8:

“We cannot afford to have the next mayor lead under the shadow of corruption.”

Communities United for Karen Bass for Mayor of Los Angeles made the following statement in support of their candidate, according to Variety. Morgan Miller, the committee’s chair, stated:

“Caruso is attempting to mislead people and divert from his poor leadership by targeting a nurse and a social worker.”

Karen Bass

Meanwhile, Caruso is entangled in another USC controversy in which hundreds of women accuse former USC physician George Tyndall of sexual assault. The lawsuit was resolved for more than $800 million. Caruso is accused of covering up the claims while acting as chairman of the university’s Board of Trustees at the time of the occurrence. It should be emphasized that, according to Variety, the US Attorney’s Office has disputed Bass’ participation in the USC bribery claims.

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