“KARA” Is Returning To The Music Scene After Seven Years

KARA, a K-pop girl group, is scheduled to make a return after a seven-year hiatus. On September 19, the group’s management announced the album’s release in honor of their 15th anniversary. According to Soompi, an RBW insider stated:

“In November, KARA will release their 15th debut anniversary album.”

Since their old agency, DSP Media, was bought by RBW, the group’s new album will be issued by RBW. Concerning their return, the group said (through their agency):

“Because this is an album made for fans who have consistently provided love and support with a constant heart for a long time, we wish to enjoy the album full of bright and sunny energy with fans like a festival.”

When the much-loved female group was announced as part of the November comeback schedule, fans flooded social media with postings expressing their enthusiasm for the group’s return. Fans are particularly excited since former members Nicole and Jiyoung, who departed the group in 2014, have been confirmed to be a part of the return, joining the remaining members – Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Youngji.


KARA fans go to social media to express their joy at the renowned female group’s return.

The second-generation K-pop group is the latest in a long line of comebacks this year, which has already seen legendary groups such as Girls’ Generation and Super Junior return with new songs. KARA most recently collaborated on their seventh mini album, In Love, which was released in May 2015. In light of this, the revelation of a seven-year hiatus drove supporters into a frenzy.

Here are some Twitter replies from fans:

The band is also slated to perform at a number of gigs in support of the new record. Furthermore, the announcement of Wonder Girls’ reunion has given elderly K-pop fans hope for the reunion of other groups.

More information about K-pop female groups KARA

KARA, one of the most well-known second-generation K-pop girl groups, debuted in 2007 and is well-known for its career, which includes major singles like Pretty Girl and Honey. The female trio received worldwide attention and acquired a contract with Universal Music Japan’s subsidiary label, Universal Sigma, in 2010. Their debut was a triumph in Japan, where they were named Oricon’s Number One Rookie Artist of 2010.


The trio received multiple honors and was placed fourth on the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list in February 2012 and thirteenth in 2013. They split up three years later, in 2016. However, the band is slated to make a reappearance in November. Stay tuned for additional information on this topic.

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