Kanye West Is Collaborating With Naoto Fukasawa To Redesign McDonald’s Packaging

Kanye West has broken his Twitter quiet to tell what he’s been up to. It’s a revolutionary new design for McDonald’s packaging. Kanye is collaborating with Muji’s industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa to “reimagine McDonald’s packaging,” according to his most recent Instagram post.

Ye posted a mysterious snapshot of a McDonald’s hamburger on Instagram Stories with the message, “next week it’s the fries.”

Kanye West’s partnership with McDonald’s

This looks to be the next step in Ye’s career. In February, Ye starred in a Super Bowl McDonald’s commercial, pulling up to a drive-thru in a Russian Sherp ATV and sunglasses, delivering the now-legendary (among Ye fans) line,

“May I have uhhhhhhhh?”


NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, FIFA Twitch caster Edwin Castro, and Ryan Reynolds as the gigantic purple McDonald’s emblem Grimace also appeared in the ad. Ye + McDonald’s comes in the footsteps of Megan Thee Stallion’s Popeyes partnership, which is only one in a seemingly endless succession of celebrity-fast food chain collaborations. He has even tweeted on social media about McDonald’s, saying: “I’ve always known them.” Man, French fries were nasty, smelling all sweet and crap. A limited-edition Kanye West meal would undoubtedly be a smash, despite the fact that rapper-endorsed Macs are now deemed antiquated. This combination, on the other hand, has the potential to reignite interest in fast food.

Who is Naoto Fukasawa?

Naoto Fukasawa, born in 1956, is a Japanese industrial designer, author, and educator. He rose to prominence after graduating from Tama Art University’s Product Design Department in the 1980s. However, according to his profile, before returning to Japan in 2003 to establish Naoto Fukusawa Design, he worked in the United States, especially with Silicon Valley firms. Fukasawa is a professor at his alma university and a co-founder of the business 21 21 Design Sight.

Naoto Fukasawa

Although Fukasawa’s designs are mostly seen in Europe, he has collaborated with folks in the United States. A successful career in design is common, and Fukasawa’s is no exception. Although the designer’s exact net worth is unclear, it has been suggested that it may be as high as $12 million. This figure is obtained from his many endeavors throughout the years. On May 23, 2022, it was announced that he will be collaborating with Kanye West, sometimes known as Ye, to “reimagine McDonald’s packaging.”

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