Kady McDermott- All About The Ex-Girlfriend Of Matty Cash

Former Love Island star Kady McDermott is best known as the ex-girlfriend of Aston Villa right-back Matty Cash.

Quick Facts

Full Name Kady McDermott
First Name Kady
Last Name McDermott
Profession Reality Tv Star, Social media personality
Nationality British
Ethnicity white
Birth City Stevenage
Birth Country England
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Virgo
Marital Status Single
Relation With Matty Cash
Networth $1 M
Date of Birth September 4, 1995
Age 27 years

She is returning to Love Island after a seven-year.

She is returning to Love Island Villa seven years after her first visit. While on the program, she fell for her then-boyfriend Scott Thomas and finished third. Even after the program ended, they remained the most talked-about pair. They dated for a long period, even after the program ended, before splitting up.

They discussed their romance on the This Morning Show in 2016. At the time, they described their experience on the program as bizarre, and they were surprised to get favorable feedback about their relationship. Thomas also mentioned asking his brother on a video conference whether he was being mugged, to which his brother replied that he was. Thomas said that he was aware that he was about to be sawed since he was aware of the scenario. People thought he was mugged, but they didn’t see how close they were one-on-one, so he was battling regardless of what was said because he knew she had a tremendous heart. When questioned whether their relationship had a future, they both agreed, claiming they knew before they came out and couldn’t wait to get to know each other outside of the camera.

Kady McDermott

Reason Behind Her Breakup With Thomas

The cause for her separation from Thomas Kady, with whom she had moved in within Manchester after the concert. They did, however, split up in September 2017. After Thomas’ pals shouted at her and refused to leave the liquor party while partying at their house, Kady felt frightened at her own home. In an interview, she confessed that they were diametrically opposed and often clashed when he got drunk.

She characterized him as outgoing and a party guy who was liked and appreciated by many, but she is not like that. McDermott also said that after Thomas, she would not date a reality star.

She dated Matty Cash for a short time.

Following her breakup with Thomas, she began dating former Towie star Myles Barnett in 2018, although their relationship was on and off. Kady revealed in July 2020 that she was still with Barnett and planned to live in the Hertfordshire property they acquired in 2019. They did, however, call it quits later that year. She afterward began dating Matty Cash. In July 2021, they made their romance public at a Wimbledon tournament.

Their romance, however, was brief, as they called it quits after a few months. In an interview, Kady said that she believed their relationship was stagnant.

She was dumped from the Christmas Light Switch-On back in 2017.

Kady was scheduled to turn on the Christmas lights in Welwyn Garden City in 2017, but she got a strong protest from the community. Locals signed over 750 petitions threatening to boycott the event, questioning what sort of example they were setting for their children by having a girl from Love Island turn on their Christmas lights. She was not only replaced, but she also experienced a lot of internet hate. She defended herself on Good Morning America after being dropped from the Christmas Event.

Kady said that when she was initially asked, she was surprised but honored, and her mother was also delighted. It wasn’t the petition itself that irritated her; it was the remarks that accompanied it. She was not only informed she was not a suitable role model but she was also mocked for it. McDermott went on to say that if it’s due to Love Island, the show doesn’t define her, despite providing her with a platform. She claims to be a brand ambassador for brain tumor research and a Moroccan animal sanctuary.

Kady McDermott

When questioned whether someone who has become renowned for having sex on live television is a role model for children, she justified herself by claiming that she was requested to participate in a show that was a once-in-a-lifetime chance. She also said that she had been with someone for six weeks and that having sex is a part of their relationship.

Net Worth

Her net worth is reported to be in the $1 million range.

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