K-Pop Idol Krystal Became The First-Ever Digital Edition Cover Model For Elle Magazine’s

Krystal of f(x) was just featured on the cover of Elle Magazine’s digital edition. The K-pop singer was chosen as the cover model for the magazine’s first-ever digital edition. Pictures and videos of the current edition have gone viral on the internet, with admirers applauding the singer for her attractive aesthetics.

Krystal is the cover girl for Elle Magazine’s first digital edition.

Elle Magazine launched its first digital magazine on April 1, 2022, and revealed the cover star for its ‘D Edition’ edition. The magazine picked K-pop diva Krystal to adorn the cover of their digital version of their fashion magazine. The K-pop artist was dressed in a variety of clothes, revealing Charles & Keith’s current Summer/Fall collection. The superstar donned gray denim leggings and a brown one-sided off-shoulder shirt in her initial photo. The artist donned a pair of blue blocked heels with twisted straps as her shoes.


The magazine has also created a video dubbed “Cool Enough,” in which the singer can be seen wearing several colorful clothes from Charles & Keith’s new collection. She also showed off the brand’s new handbag line, which included gold and silver handle chains. The K-pop star was dressed in a stylish off-white gown with gold accents embroidered on the lower half and neck region in her following photo. Her hair was done in a poker-straight way, and her makeup was minimal in order to give off a natural appearance.

Krystal was also seen in the Elle Magazine videos wearing colorful outfits in blue, green, yellow, and pink, with minimal makeup and chic accessories. She turned attention with her appealing images and a commanding presence in front of the camera. Despite being busy shooting the K-drama series Crazy Love, she was able to join in this new initiative.


Fans respond to the idol’s new Elle Magazine cover photos.

Fans went to social media after viewing the revealed photos and videos to express their delight at seeing the singer posing for the camera in stunning and smart attire. They also commended her for her stunning and warm complexion, and they are excited for a full-length interview with the magazine.


On February 22, 2022, Krystal was selected as Charles & Keith’s worldwide brand ambassador. She also did an interview with the fashion company in which she expressed her joy at becoming the brand’s ambassador, as well as her most memorable and entertaining moment during the picture session for its newest collection.

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