Julia Fox Attempts To Support Kim Kardashian Over Balenciaga Scandal

Julia Fox, an American actress, seemed to support Kim Kardashian after the latter was chastised for failing to speak out and for continuing to work with the now-controversial company Balenciaga. Fox, 42, came to Tiktok after breaking her silence on the current topic to give her opinion on the latest Balenciaga ad photography scandal. Fox started the video, which was posted on November 28, 2022, by saying she has never been affiliated with the premium company.

She went on to say that she has “zero connection with the brand” and that she hasn’t even attended any of their presentations since she wasn’t invited. Without naming Kim Kardashian, Julia Fox discussed the public indignation that the beauty entrepreneur has faced since the Balenciaga saga started. She described it as “horrific,” and said she “actually felt ill to my stomach” when seeing the images and reading about it. The 32-year-old continued:

“But I couldn’t help but think, d**n, the ladies who are professionally linked with the business are receiving so much backlash, it’s almost as if they’re the f***ing child molesters.”

The statement, as she put it, “Why are women being held accountable for a MANS [sic] error? For me, it’s internalized sexism “The video flashed across the screen.

According to Julia Fox, pedophiles exist in every business.

The Uncut Gems actor revealed in the same video that no children were injured during the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 23 collection campaign. She also suggested a parallel link between child abuse instances and religious organizations such as the church. While millions of children are injured in the church, she says she hasn’t seen the hashtag “delete the church anywhere.”

Julia Fox

In another video, Julia Fox criticized those who think Hollywood is full of pedophiles. The model said in a video labeled, “But everyone likes throwing the blame at everyone BUT the guy,” that such individuals exist in all sectors. Fox asserted that pedophiles exist in every business and stated:

“You want to be a chef, there are surely some abusers over there or a teacher? Abusers over there, you want to be an engineer, abusers.”

She went on to argue that the problem is with guys, not with any business, fashion brand, or celebrity. Julia Fox dated Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West for a short time before they split up. Fox previously defended the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, claiming she dated West to divert him through his divorce. Meanwhile, Spanish luxury label Balenciaga has come under criticism for its current ad for its Spring 2023 collection. The marketing images showed two young children clutching teddy bears clothed in BDSM-style bondage harnesses.

Julia Fox

Although Balenciaga has made an official apology, the label has received widespread condemnation on social media for s*xualizing and misbehaving with children. Kim Kardashian was also brought up in the discussion since she is the brand ambassador for Balenciaga. People urged her to break connections with the company.

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