Juan Vidal And Niurka Marcos Got Engaged In Peru

Niurka Marcos and Juan Vidal, both actors, recently got engaged when the former was in Peru. Vidal proposed to her with a bracelet that resembled the ring he’s been wearing since Marcos said yes. Marcos stated:

“In a wonderful ceremony in Machu Picchu, he gave me this bracelet and put on his ring, which clearly complements the bracelet.”

When asked why they didn’t go with a conventional ring, the couple said that they had planned another marriage proposal and that it was Marcos’ desire that her romantic moment is formal. Marcos said that she wants to do things differently, and Vidal stated that he went ahead and committed. Niurka said that her wedding would not be conducted at a civil register or a religious facility, but rather in a more spiritual setting. When asked about it, she stated:

“I believe it is something imposed by society.” There are more genuine methods to participate spiritually. I’d prefer it to be in one of the cenotes in Yucatan’s southeast since cenotes have peculiar energies, as many Mexicans are aware.”

Juan Vidal and Niurka Marcos declared their love and that their relationship is developing.

Juan Vidal

Niurka Marcos and Juan Vidal’s relationship

Niurka Marcos and Juan Vidal’s relationship has received attention due to their nine-year age gap. Vidal is 45 years old, whereas Marcos is 54. They originally met on the second season of La Casa de Los Famosos, when they shared a home alongside Laura Bozzo, Ivonne Montero, Natalia Alcocer, Nacho Casano, and Salvador Zerboni. The duo has also been seen kissing one other on occasion.

They reconnected after their removal from the competition and have been romantically attached ever since. Vidal was then embroiled in a scandal as his ex-girlfriend Cynthia Klitbo disclosed that she was with Juan owing to financial obligations. Klitbo explained to Eden Dorantes:

“We ended up because he has a very big anger problem, he has anger, he is a person who is always in a bad mood, every day, who bases his entire life experience on ‘how many muscles do I have?’ and that women are a way for him to accommodate both economically and publicly, so don’t go with the feint.”

Juan Vidal

Marcos began dating actress Bobby Larios in 2003, and while they married, they split shortly after. She then married Yanixan Texido in 2007, but the pair divorced in February 2011. Niurka is another name for Niurka. The singer and actress Marcos Calle is well-known for her participation in the reality program Big Brother Mexico. She has participated in many TV series and now hosts El Show De Niurka. Juan Vidal, on the other hand, is a well-known actor best recognized for his role in the CBS drama The Guiding Light.

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