Joyner Lucas Apologized To Machine Gun Kelly After Snapping At Him On Twitter Outburst

On Thursday, March 24, rapper Joyner Lucas lashed out at the organizers of the Lollapalooza music festival while also raving at musician Machine Gun Kelly. Lucas chastised Lollapalooza for utilizing his name with lesser-known musicians in a series of tweets that have since been removed. The rapper also alleged that they paid him a pittance for his participation in the event. Despite the fact that Lucas had denied their invitation to participate in the festival, the organizers put his name on the artists’ posters, which they posted on Tuesday. Lollapalooza’s bill included headline acts in larger characters over the names of the rest of the lineups. Greenday, Dua Lipa, Metallica, Doja Cat, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Baby, and Kygo were among the main acts. Meanwhile, Joyner was relegated to the center of the tier list, with his name published in a much smaller type.

Joyner Lucas apologized to Machine Gun Kelly after yelling at him on Twitter.

Joyner Lucas apologized to Machine Gun Kelly on Twitter after first blaming “Russian hackers” for his outburst. On March 26, Lucas sent a series of tweets in which he apologized for his past outbursts on the network.

According to the native of Massachusetts,

“I’ve a history of getting furious about particular things and venting on social media.” That belongs to me.”


Later in his tweets, he apologized to MGK and added,

“I’m not going to have a tantrum and shoot at n**gaz for nothing.” @machinegunkelly done nothing to me to earn that pathetic tweet. If you’re reading this, please accept my apologies.”

While he first said that he was ranting because he felt he deserved “better s**t,” Lucas later stated that he was ranting because he believed he deserved “better s**t.” The rapper said that he should not establish his own worth and ‘check’ himself. With the exception of fellow rappers like Tech N9ne and RUSS, Lucas claims to be “the largest independent artist in the world.”

What was Joyner Lucas deleted rant rage about?

Lucas voiced his displeasure with being lumped in with lesser-known musicians in his first round of tweets. The rapper was also irritated by the font size of his name on the flyer in comparison to Machine Gun Kelly’s name. He penned:

“n****z who aren’t even on my level or doing my numbers are getting BIG LETTERS on the flyer while they write my sh*t hella little!”

Joyner Lucas

The rapper referred to Machine Gun Kelly (aka Colson Baker) as “goofy-a** ni**a” in his tweets. In addition, Lucas alluded to MGK’s historic feud with Eminem, saying:

“Lol What my brother Marshall [Eminem] did to this n**** @machinegunkelly is nothing compared to what’s in store for him if he wants to go down that path with me.” Nobody’s concerned about a n**** who paints his nails.”

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