Joseph Herbert Jr- Meet Jo Koy’s And Angie King Son

Joseph Herbert Jr is popularly known as the Jo Koy’s And Angie King’s Son. His father is a Filipino-American comedian who rose to prominence after performing stand-up on Jay Leno’s show.

When you become famous, it is only natural for all of your relatives to become famous as well. Similarly, Jo’s son Jo Jr. has piqued the interest of his father’s millions of fans.

Joseph Herbert Jr.
Joseph Herbert Jr. With His Mother (Source: Pinterest)

Joseph Herbert Jr. Biography

Born in the United States on April 21, 2003. He is the only child born to Jo Koy and his ex-wife, Angie King. When it comes to Joseph’s ethnicity, he has Filipino and Caucasian ancestors on both sides of his family. Interestingly, Jo Koy’s father is Caucasian, while his mother is Filipino, as is Joseph Jr.’s mother.

Herbert Jr. lives in California with his father and was raised there as well. Because his parents were divorced, they co-parented him in accordance with the custody agreement.

Joseph Herbert Jr.’s Parents’ Relationship History

Jo and Angie were happily married for a few years before deciding to divorce for good. According to reports, the former flames divorced amicably. Furthermore, little is known about the early stages of their relationship. What we do know is that they began dating sometime in the early 2000s.

The only reason you don’t know is that Koy doesn’t like talking about his personal life. In numerous interviews, he has stated his position on privacy. Koy simply does not appreciate the media or even his fans prying into his personal life.

Herbert Jr.’s mother, Angie King, on the other hand, like his father, hasn’t revealed anything about her relationship with Jo.

Despite Their Divorce, Joseph Herbert Jr.’s Mother And Father Remain, Close Friends

If there’s one couple who exes ex-couple goals, it’s Jo and Angie. They not only remained cordial with each other over the years for the sake of their son, but they still hold high regard for one another.

Exes frequently have this animosity toward one another, but not this one. The most admirable aspect of Jo and King’s relationship is that they still hang out as a couple. They even spent the entire 2020 quarantine at Jo’s house.

When word got out that they were spending time together with their son in the same house, people assumed they had reconciled. On the contrary, the couple decided to live together because they don’t want their son to travel from Jo’s house to King’s house and so on and so forth in the midst of a raging pandemic.

When Koy appeared on Windy City Live in 2020, he revealed that he and his wife are staying at home together. In addition, his ex-wife made an appearance on the show. Examine it out!

Above all, Jo Koy’s son, Joseph Jr., is a lucky kid. His parents may not be married, but he has never felt the need for them to be.

Jr. Joseph’s Education

The Herberts are devout Catholics. Similarly, Joseph attended a catholic junior high school. In Woodlands, California, he attended St Mel School. In 2017, he graduated as a sophomore.

His father and mother both expressed their joy on social media after he started junior high. Koy posted a video in which he is seen crying as his son leaves for college.

Seeing your child grow up is certainly something to behold. You drop them off at kindergarten one day, and the next thing you know, they’re graduating from college.

He Frequently Appears In His Father’s Live Performances

Unlike other celebrity children who rarely appear in public with their famous parents, Joseph frequently appears on the shows with his father.

Furthermore, Koy’s son is frequently the focus of his jokes. One of his stand-up specials is about his life as a single father with a teen son. In the special, we see Koy’s fatherly side as well as other intimate details about their relationship.

Similarly, in an interview with LasVegasSun, Koy discussed how his son is an important part of the act. “My son, oh man, I think every year I get 25 to 30 minutes of material from talking about him,” he said. He just keeps getting bigger.”

Is Joseph Jr. Dating Anyone?

According to his Instagram account, which has over 52.3k followers, he does not appear to have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Because the adolescent is preoccupied with his studies, he may be uninterested in dating, or he may not have met the right one.

Whatever the case may be, he is enjoying his single life and living the life that many people desire. However, this does not imply that he is one of those spoiled rich kids. His mother and father have raised a wonderful man who is humble and aware of his origins.

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