Jose Dumont Was Arrested For Allegedly Keeping Video And Photographs Of Child P*rnography

On September 15, Brazilian actor Jose Dumont was detained in Rio de Janeiro on suspicion of holding child pornography footage and images. He is also being probed for bribing a 12-year-old youngster to have physical contact with him. After discovering a bank deposit slip addressed to the victim, police launched a search and investigation into Jose Dumont.

The Child and Adolescent Victim Police Station (DCAV) is investigating Dumont for attempting to be sexually intimate with a kid and offered a thousand reais (roughly $191 dollars) in exchange. According to Extra, the minor was supposedly one of Jose Dumont’s followers who built a strong connection with him. The event allegedly occurred in 2009 in the city of Cabedelo, where Dumont lived.

The alleged offenses and arrest warrant of Jose Dumont

As previously stated, Brazilian actor Jose Dumont was imprisoned in 2009 for retaining s*xually graphic movies of youngsters and offered a 12-year-old a thousand reias to be physically intimate with him. The first investigations started in 2013 when two witnesses, both of whom were Dumont’s neighbors, revealed the actor’s suspected child abuse. One of Jose’s neighbors lived on a higher level and could see inside his flat. They reported to the Federal Public Ministry seeing the actor receiving youngsters and teenagers at the Cabedelo residence. The neighbor did not produce any photographic or video proof. In October 2009, they submitted an email to the police, which prompted the inquiry.

Jose Dumont

According to Extra, the actor took advantage of the victim’s financial insecurity. Dumont made s*xually explicit attempts and attempted to get intimate with the victim, which was caught on video and monitored. Jose Dumont’s court filings for the case include 240 files, including photographs and videos, indicating illegal reiteration. As the investigations continue, Dumont was arrested and placed in preventive prison during a court hearing on Friday, September 16. The case has “serious features,” according to Judge Antonio Luiz da Fonseca Lucchese.

What was Jose Dumont’s reaction to his arrest?

According to Extra, Dumont was challenged with the photographs and videos discovered on his mobile phone and computer. At that point, he declared that the contents were his property to “research for the future production of a work on the topic, without taboos or filters.” The actor made no more remarks. He is being investigated for engaging in inappropriate behavior with youngsters under the age of 14. According to Metropoles, the sentence ranges from eight to fifteen years in prison.

Jose Dumont

For those who are unaware, the actor has appeared in fifteen Brazilian soap operas as well as several movies and plays. He was most recently featured as Colonel Eudoro Mendes in Nos Tempos do Imperador, a Globo streaming platform drama that premiered in 2021. Following the resurfacing of the investigations, the streaming service announced that Dumont has been dropped from their next drama, Todas as Flores.

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