Jordan Kimball And Christina Are Expecting Their First Child

According to US Weekly, Bachelor Nation star Jordan Kimball and his wife Christina are expecting their first child. The tabloid reported in an exclusive interview that the pair were “I’m more in the spirit than ever,” she says. Jordan was first introduced to fans of the series during Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette (season 14). He was later featured on Bachelor in Paradise seasons 5 and 6. Following his appearances on ABC programs, the reality star encountered Christina at the Los Angeles International Airport in 2019, when he assisted her with her bags, and the rest is history.

Jordan proposed to Christina on Christmas Eve in December 2020, and the pair married on January 15, 2022. Jordan told US Weekly that the pair was thrilled to announce their pregnancy:

“I don’t believe I’ve ever been more excited about anything in my life. And with the home, the wedding, and now this so much has occurred in the previous year and a half with the house, the wedding, and now this.”

Christina discusses how she told the Bachelor Nation star about their pregnancy.

Jordan and Christina discussed finding out about the pregnancy, her desires, and other topics in an interview with US Weekly. The expecting woman claimed that she had done four pregnancy tests just to be sure before informing her spouse. Christina claimed that she started with the “dollar ones,” and after they were proven to be positive, she proceeded to the shop to acquire more.

“I returned to the shop and purchased the two-pack that includes the line one and the digital one that indicates pregnant. And I thought, ‘OK, this is it!’”

Jordan Kimball

Christina then stated that she told her husband the news as he was eating his favorite dessert, carrot cake. Jordan was out of town at the time, according to the Bachelor Nation star, and when he returned home, she surprised him with the cake with the pregnancy test right alongside it.

The Bachelor alum spoke out about the kind gift, saying:

“We hadn’t really tried much, but it was sort of the plan that we wanted to establish a family. It’s been over a year since the wedding. ‘Well, let me show you this carrot cake,’ she says. When I go in, there is a pregnancy test next to the cake. That was a really charming and fun way to learn.”

While Christina was happy with either a boy or a girl, Jordan revealed that he secretly hoped for a newborn boy who could serve as an “older brother protector” if and when they decide to have a second kid. He, on the other hand, insisted that all he wanted was a healthy kid.

If they have a girl, they want to commemorate Christina’s grandma, and if they have a boy, they want to honor Jordan’s grandpa and father’s middle name. Jordan spoke talked about meeting Christina in January 2022, saying he was “blindsided” by the level of affection he felt from his now-wife. He said that his time on reality dating programs made him realize that he was serious about finding someone special.

“I’d say The Bachelor prepared me in such a manner that I was ready to take it seriously. I was ready to be humorous and be myself — and particularly after watching myself on TV, there are aspects of what I did that I like and chuckled at. And, although I’m not the greatest fan, you can learn from everything. And I believe that’s what I’ve done: I’ve evolved from it.”

Jordan Kimball

Aside from coping with the pregnancy news, Christina said that she was taking it “one day at a time,” adding that while she gets queasy sometimes, she feels better after eating. Her pregnancy symptoms included being “extremely hungry” and “very exhausted.” She is expected in the early summer.

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