Joo Ji-hoon Is Allegedly In Discussions To Feature In A Forthcoming Medical Drama

According to reports, Joo Ji-hoon is in discussions to feature in the forthcoming medical drama Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour. On January 2, 2023, an industry official announced that the actor has been cast in the next medical drama. His agency, H& Entertainment, replied to the casting announcement by telling Newsen that Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour is one of the projects the actor is considering.

According to the agency:

“It is one of the projects for which he has gotten an offer, and he is examining it.”

The film Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour is based on a web novel. The play’s goal is to bring awareness to the harsh atmosphere of hospitals, where people are imprisoned in life-or-death circumstances. If Jirisan actor Joo Ji-hoon accepts the casting offer, he would play Baek Kang-hyuk in the drama Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour.

Joo Ji-persona hoon’s Baek Kang-hyuk is the trauma center director in Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour.

If Joo Ji-hoon accepts the casting call, he will play surgeon Baek Kang-hyuk. Baek Kang-hyuk is the director of the severe trauma center at Hankuk University Hospital, one of South Korea’s most prominent and recognized hospitals. The character of Baek Kang-hyuk is based on real-life traumatologist and professor Lee Guk-jong. Baek Kang-hyuk is widely regarded as South Korea’s preeminent figure, with total control over severe trauma care. He has assembled a medical team to provide the finest possible care for his patients. Baek Kang-hyuk is a professor in addition to serving as the director of the severe trauma center.

Joo Ji-hoon

The drama is based on Lee Nak-alias joon’s Hansanleega’s online book Jungjeung-oesangsenteo: Goldeun Awo. He is a YouTuber and an otolaryngologist. He has characterized the character Baek Kag-hyuk as a brilliant, tall, and attractive surgeon with great surgical talents.

So Hyun-kyung, renowned for her work on Prosecutor Princess, 49 Days, Brilliant Legacy, and Two Weeks, will draft the script for the drama. Joo Ji-hoon last appeared in a medical drama over a decade ago, in 2013. He starred as Han Seung-jae in the 2013 medical drama Medical Top Team, which had 20 episodes on the journeys of many physicians and how to recover from previous injuries. The production team of the new drama Severe Trauma Center: Golden Hour has yet to provide other facts regarding the release, such as the start of shooting and other cast members.

Learn more about Joo Ji-hoon.

The Jirisan actor is well-known for his roles in Kingdom seasons one and two. Kingdom season 3 is highly anticipated by fans. Kim Eun-hee, a well-known screenwriter, created the program. The program is one of Netflix’s highest-rated and most-watched dramas.

Joo Ji-hoon


Joo Ji-hoon is also well-known for his works Mask, Hyena, Jirisan, Lucifer, and Princess Hours. He has previously dated renowned actresses such as Kim Hye-soo and Jun Ji-hyun. Joo Ji-hoon is presently shooting The Dominant Species, a drama written by screenwriter Lee Soo-yeon, well known for her project Secret Forest.

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